Graduate Profile - Support Engineer

Name: Daniel StockerDaniel Stocker pic

Role: Support Engineer (My focus area is Azure and Infrastructure as a Service)

Stream: Technical

Department: CSS (Customer Services & Support)

Location: Reading

Background Information

  • University and course:
    • Goldsmiths College, University of London
    • BSc Creative Computing

  • Specify if you were an intern at Microsoft before becoming a grad

    • Yes, I was a Software Developer in Bing and worked for the Query Suggestion Infrastructure Team there

  • Why Microsoft?

    • Definitely the culture. Microsoft hires absolutely excellent people. We are all very hard workers, always looking to innovate and never afraid to criticise the status quo. Working here is never boring, always challenging, and – most of all – very rewarding.

Application Process for your role

Include whatever bullet points are relevant (feel free to add if anything has been missed)

  • Online application
    • For previous interns there is a shortened version of the full application process. The first stage is an online application that required me upload my CV and give some personal details.

  • Video interview

    • For the video interview, we were shown pre-recorded videos with questions and we had to record ourselves while answering them. These questions linked back to our experience as interns.

  • Assessment centre

    • A full day consisting of
      • Ice Breaker session with the interviewers
      • Individual interviews
      • Technical interview
      • Group task
      • Individual presentation

Top Tip:

This actually comes straight from one of the managers who gave me this as a piece of feedback once: All day is an interview!

At the end of the 1-2-1 interview we a spare five minutes, so my interviewer asked me a few more informal questions, to find out a bit more about me. Always be aware that these questions still count, just like the more formal interview questions.


Most Challenging:

Maybe not the most challenging per se, but the group session is perhaps the most unpredictable. Even if you know the people at your assessment you will most likely never have seen them in interview situations. Try to be patient and understanding, but most importantly be yourself!


Please note that you can list the different steps of the process and only develop for the most challenging one(s)


Your Role

  • Role info is at the top
  • I started on the 7th of September 2015
  • I take support cases for Azure customers (both enterprise and smaller customers). My team supports anyone from little development teams to huge corporations. This means that no problem and no day is ever the same.
  • In my role I need to understand both Windows and Azure, which means that I have still got a lot to learn and will never be able to stop learning. This is a good thing, as I’ll always know about what’s current in the cloud space. J
  • My team sits in the CSS Organisation (Customer Services & Support). I work in the reactive support side of this business, where I sit in the Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Pod. This pod is a subteam of the larger Windows Team.
  • Anything else that you would have wanted to know when you were applying: Hard to say as I was an intern before… Maybe the fact that people at Microsoft are just normal people and that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask if you need help. We only get better by asking questions.


Your experience of the company so far

  • Grad’s training and benefits
    • As a graduate you have much more time for your general on-boarding and training, which is great, because it gives you more time to learn how the company works internally.
    • The benefits that come with the job are excellent and much better than what most other grad employers offer. What’s more is that the benefits are flexible, so you can pick whichever ones suit you best.

  • What’s it like working for the company

    • I think I have covered most of this under “Why Microsoft”, but it is an absolutely amazing opportunity.
    • Microsoft is a big company, but because of its open culture this is a very positive thing. I definitely get the impression that with the right networking and hard work you can one can go very far here.

  • What surprised you

    • I think I have to mention the culture again. It really surprised me how friendly, open, and helpful people are here.


Your #1 Top Tip for making the most of your Graduate role

If you do great work, make sure to shout about it. Getting your work recognised across the company can be hard sometimes, but it is key for you to go far.

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