Graduate Role Profile - Hybrid Cloud Sales Specialist

Name: Rose Brennan

Which university/course: Nottingham Trent University – Business Management and Marketing

Job Title: Hybrid Cloud Sales Specialist – As a hybrid cloud sales specialist I work with our customers to deliver our end to end Microsoft Cloud story. My role involves ensuring that customers are realising the value of Microsoft server and mobility technologies whilst expanding into the benefits of the Public Cloud.

Why did you choose the Microsoft Graduate Programme?
After an incredible internship at Microsoft the Microsoft Graduate Programme was a no-brainer. I was lucky enough to shadow graduates and be witness to their progression and growth. Microsoft truly invest in their apprentices, interns and graduates, it is the perfect environment to start a career and hit the ground running.

A top tip for being successful during the Graduate application process
A top tip that I would suggest for being successful during the application process is to let your passion shine through. Make sure you really, really, want this and articulate why!

How was the application process for you?
The application process was daunting but, I made sure I did as much preparation as I could. I did my research into current affairs (despite being an intern the previous year, Microsoft changes so quickly so you need to be up to date!); I practiced, practiced, oh and practiced! I found that the best way to overcome my fear of presenting and being interviewed was to do it with my friends. If you can present to a friend you can do it in front of anyone! Finally, when it came to the day I put the biggest smile on my face and gave it my all!

Highlight of being at Microsoft so far?
The highlight of working for Microsoft is the opportunity to work with the most amazing people. Microsoft has a culture that embraces diversity but promotes inclusion and this is truly felt throughout the organisation.

What are your future aspirations at Microsoft?
My first aspiration is to make sure I succeed in my job role. I want to make an impact and be known for being proficient at what I do. I have many ideas of my planned progression – e.g. Sales manager; however, the sky is the limit at Microsoft. The opportunities we are given as graduates means that it is difficult to silo your aspirations into one route. Working for such a fast-pace innovative organisation – in IT, means that your next job role may not even exist yet – exciting!

How was the transition from university life to working life?
For me, the transition from university to working life was easy peasy! Despite loving university I was ready to enter the world of work, especially after a taster of what Microsoft was like during my intern year. At the end of the day – if you love what you do, it’s never going to be too difficult. Also, there is an awesome MACH (Microsoft Academy for College Hires) community to support the transition and ensure you can be as sociable as you wish!

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