Harriet Richardson - Apprentice in HR

Role: HR Apprentice – University Staffing Team

Hi, my name’s Harriet and I’m an apprentice in Human resources at Microsoft. I’ve been here 5 weeks now and I have loved every minute of it!

About the Apprenticeship Scheme

The apprenticeship scheme is an 18 month placement at Microsoft and within this time you will obtain a Level 3 Business qualification, invaluable work experience and knowledge of the business. I applied through the business stream and I now have a job in the university staffing team.

My Role

My job involves me going to universities and schools/colleges promoting the apprenticeship, intern and graduate schemes. I also help organise interviews and assessment centres. Another cool job of mine is to help with promoting and organising our twitter and Facebook pages! One of the great things about Microsoft is that they give you responsibilities. You’re not just shadowing someone, you actually are a crucial part of the team. If you ever need help though, or are interested in another part of the business, there will be someone around to help you out, even if you’ve never spoken to them before! As a member of the twitter team, I have access to tweet on behalf of the @MsUkStudents page and organise campaigns to do with the pages.

HarrietWhat I have Learnt

Words can’t describe how much I have learnt from being here. I’ve grown as a person and learnt things I didn’t even realise I would have to learn! You find out so much about the corporate world, like how every single person is a crucial member of the team and without them, the whole organisation would suffer. You learn things that you will be able to take out into future life, such as managing time! Before this job I never bothered to get a diary but now I’m forever checking it to see if I’m free for meetings! They say here, that there isn’t a day that goes by without you learning something new, and I now see how accurate that is.

Application Tips

Applying for the apprenticeship scheme can be a daunting prospect, especially as you know there will be an assessment centre and video interview at some point during the process. I know how challenging it can feel, as I’ve done it myself. The thing that worried me the most was that no assessment centres were the same. My advice is to relax and make sure you research and use all available resources to gain knowledge on the business. Looking back at the experience, I realised that theapplication process reallywasn’t actually a bad experience at all! The whole processdoes take a while, as there are a few different stages. My advice is to make sure you actually answer questions and to not get side-tracked when answering. Give as much detail as you can but don’t feel like you have to fill any time limit set! Also, be honest. If you haven’t got experience/knowledge in something, the assessors would rather you be honest than to make something up.

Most importantly relax and be yourself! The team are genuinely interested in what you have to say;they’re not trying to trick you into making mistakes.

I hope you find this helpful for whenthe time comesto apply, and I wish you luck with your applications!

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