Have an international mindset #BeYourBest

Welcome everyone to another episode of the Be Your Best series,

Today we will be talking about a specific skill or quality (depends how you look at it) which is about diversity and having an international state of mind.

Diversity is something large corporations like Microsoft take really seriously. They look for the skills and qualities a person can bring to the table and not the nationality or race. Which is why it’s important to be open-minded and enjoy working with people from other ethnicities.

Here are some tips on how to have a broader and international set of mind:

Explore your surroundings - university is a great place to meet new people, especially from other countries and cultures. Don’t isolate yourself or hang out just with people are the same nationality as you.

Be open-minded - Appreciate other people. Just because they come from another country and have a different culture than you does not mean not to talk or hang out with them.

Try and learn another language if possible - nowadays knowing just your native language is not enough to be integrated into this world. Employers look out for people who have gone the extra mile and know more than one language because this makes them much more employable.

We hope you found this short article insightful.

Stay tune in tomorrow when our very own Promotion Lead, Patti will give you a bit of a sneak peek of her job role.

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