How connected to the world are you? #BeYourBest

Welcome everyone to our fourth episode of our BeYourBest series!

Are you familiar with Microsoft’s latest news? Have you heard of HoloLens? Or Brexit? What about Drake’s latest song?

Ok, maybe not so much about the last topic but you see the point. Today we will talking about a skill which developed in the right way can put you a step above the other candidates: Commercial Awareness.

Employers and recruiters emphasize nowadays how important it is for a candidate to stay in touch with the latest news that are happening around the world and specifically the industry they operate in.


Well because they are looking for someone who expresses interest in working for their company and if you don’t know anything about them, then they won’t take you seriously. Also, commercial awareness is not something you suddenly “get”. It takes a bit of time. But not to fear because once again we from the BYF are here to deliver tips for the number of different ways you can start to become more commercially aware:

  1. Follow the news- no matter the industry or the role that you want to work, you can always check news sources like BBC, The Economist, Financial Times, The Guardian, Telegraph and many more. All of them are great sources of up-to-date information for everything that is currently happening around the world.

  2. For Microsoft exclusive check the BYF blog- one of our segments called “Weekly Spotlight” or the cultural posts that our lovely Content Lead Sylvia is in charge of ,is all about staying in touch with the latest news that are happening around the world of Microsoft.

  1. Be online- social media channels are not just for posting pictures or writing posts. There are also another way of being commercially aware because lately what news sources are trying to do is leverage their social media channels in order to spread the word as much as possible.

  2. Research the company- before doing an interview or going to an assessment centre it is of great importance to know about the company that you have applied for, the sector that they work in and any current changes, news that have happened or publications they have released. Doing this will help you present yourself as someone who is interested in the company and understands their mission.

Living in a fast paced and ever-changing world, it is important to understand in which direction the world heading and the different industries that encompass it. Of course, it’s not possible to stay in touch with everything that is happening but spending an hour or two at the end of each week is a great way to start. To wrap up the article for today we would like to ask you once again:

How connected to the world are you?

Martin Prenerov, Content Lead for the Be Your Future blog

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