How to find a house in Reading!

Just a few things to consider when trying to find a house…

–The more, the merrier

When you have found a group of fellow interns to live with (the FB group is a great place to do so), try and view the houses together. It might be hard to find a day when you are all free, but try. You want to make sure each of you like where you will be living for the next year.

–Are you a morning person?

You can drive, walk or bus it to work depending on where you live. Think about best areas to catch the free TVP bus [], or rush hour congestion in reading when deciding on where to live. It is not unheard of for some interns to be sat in traffic for 1hour + in the mornings.

–Where to start?

An area popular with current interns is the Palmer Park area, just off Wokingham Road. This is a student area with an abundance of student houses, within walking distance to TVP (although not on the free bus route) and close to shops and the number 17 bus stop into the centre of Reading. Obviously it’s great to find a house just off the TVP bus route too, as it’s a free and easy commute to work. See the map for the area where most interns live this year.

Map of Reading

–Parks and recreation

There aren’t many green spaces in the centre of reading, if you are the outdoorsy type make sure to scout out nearby parks and cycling trails when you’re looking at houses.


There are a few large supermarkets dotted around Reading, but most are only accessible to drivers. If none of your housemates drive, it might be an idea to check out local shops and grocery stores when viewing house.

–Ah, there is nowhere to park!

Also, if you are planning on brining a car, be sure if the house doesn’t have a drive way to check the on-road parking, and whether it is free or will need a permit. You don’t want to end up with any unnecessary parking fines, or driving around for an hour after work to find a space!

–Living large!

Socialising and going out is a part of everyone’s intern year. If you want to live it larger than most, think about either living close to your favourite hang-outs or saving your pennies for all those taxi fares. It’s always good to be on a bus route into town.

–Nice and homely

Reading is a student town, but you have the choice of sticking to the student areas or moving further afield. Have an idea of what you’d prefer, and make sure you and your housemates are on the same page!

–A tale of two cities?

Do you know that your job will require you to work in both Reading and London on a regular basis? Keep this in mind when looking for houses, you might be able to shave up to an hour off your commuting time if you spring for a pad that little bit closer to the station!


You may find it hard to all agree on one house, but really consider the above points, especially the commute if one or more housemates does not have a car. It may be nice having the extra loo, but making one housemate walk an hour to work does not sound like a fair deal. Think of what you need, rather than what you want.

–Time to make your mind up

Try to make a decision on the day. It is hard to try and rearrange to come back, and it’s unlikely that any better houses will become available as interns from other companies, as well as students, are looking for houses too. Be prepared on the day to pay your deposit to secure the house, but make sure you look carefully at the contract, and don’t be afraid of quizzing the estate agent on the exact terms and conditions.

–Save yourself a few pennies

Haggle on the weekly price of the house. Or try to bag yourself a few freebies included in the rent. At this stage in the year, landlords are wanting to rent their houses as soon as possible, so are more prepared to let it go for a lower price. It is always worth asking!

Anyway, have fun finding a house and good luck! Please comment below if you have any questions!

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