How to master the fear of public speaking? #BeYourBest

Dear readers,

Are you uncomfortable presenting in front of other people? Are you a bit jealous when you watch all those TEDTalks presenters and say: D*mn, I wish I could be just as calm and cool as them when being on stage. Well, don’t worry because you are not the only one who feels this way.

In fact did you know that only 10% of the world’s population enjoy doing a public speaking? The other 90% are either terrified or at least a bit nervous or anxious when it comes to presenting. But that does not mean that you cannot practise in order to become better at it.

Which is why today for the second episode of our #BeYourBest series we have decided to give you a couple of helpful tips for a skill that many people have trouble mastering: Public Speaking or Presenting in Front of Others. Let's go !

  1. Prepare- probably the most important thing to remember. You have heard the phrase “practise makes perfect”, right? Well, there is a lot of truth behind it. Just like the musician who constantly rehearses the songs before a concert, you need to have done a proper preparation first in order to successfully deliver a presentation.
  2. Again prepare- we can’t stress enough how important this is. You can practise in front of family, friends or even in front of a mirror… anything that will make you more confident and comfortable. The reason we put so much stress on having a good preparation is because this will help you be more confident and engaging with the audience. In many ways the way you deliver your presentation is just as important as the information you will present
  3. Make note cards if needed- normally speakers create note cards if need some sort of guidance throughout the presentation. We advise writing only bullet points or the main things you will talking about. What you don’t want is writing everything down and be stuck with staring at the note cards without even making an eye contact with the audience.
  4. Smile - you may not realise how much you can achieve with a simple smile. Studies have shown that there is nothing that draws your audience into your presentation that a good old fashioned smile.
  5. Use hand gestures and make eye contact- by moving your hands as you talk you will be able to emphasize points and keep the audience interested. Also, try and make eye contact as much as possible. Why? Well, have you ever encountered a speaker who is just looking at the note cards without making any sort of engagement with the audience?

These are just some of the things you should take into consideration for the next time you will be doing a presentation. It’s not going to be easy at first but be patient and just like the famous phrase goes “practise makes perfect”.

Martin Prenerov, Content Lead for the Be Your Future blog

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