I want to be in: MARKETING!

Microsoft UK takes in dozens of marketing interns every year – and as marketing students across the country get ready for their Assessment Centres at Microsoft HQ we thought we’d share some wisdom on what to expect on the day.

Kirsty is a Marketing Executive intern and has written a handy assessment centre tips post for us –must read if you’re gearing up for an assessment centre at Microsoft or elsewhere! Read it here.

Iphotomogen, an Internal Communications intern, has been so kind as to put together some pointers in her How to approach an assessment centre post. This isa must read for everyone coming to Microsoft for an Assessment Centre as most assessment centres follow a similar format. If you want to read more about Imogen’s day job – you know where to go! (here)

Charles is a Partner Marketing Manager with the Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partner department at Microsoft UK. Charles is given free range over how to entice his target market – read more here.

Katie is a Server and Cloud Platform Marketing Manager. As part of her job, Katie organises events and product launches, and buys orange juice. Read more about the exciting life Katie leads here.

KelKelly Walker 2ly is a Trade Marketing Coordinator for Xbox Advertising, and as such Kelly has been riding the wave of Xbox releases and platform developments this year. Learn more here.

Joe is the Windows Consumer Marketingintern.Its fair tosay that Joe has been a part of Windows’ huge year with the release of Windows8– learn more about everything he’s had the chance to get involved in this year here.

Nina is the Corporate Affairs intern at Microsoft. As such she is the go-to person for all things philanthropic at Microsoft UK. Read more about Nina’s role here, and about some of the events she’s helped out with here.

Zac is the Public Relations intern. As such, Zac has the opportunity to work with different media agencies across London and Reading – as he will tell you here. Zac has also been kind enough to share some wisdom around assessment centres with us, which you can find here.

Jasmin is a Consumer Marketing Communications Manager with Windows. In her role, Jasmin is responsible for executing marketing plans with media agencies and getting stuck in a the Gadget Show Live! Learn more here.

Areege is an Advocacy Specialist with Customer and Partner Advocacy. As part of her role, Areege is responsible for all internal communications and collateral for her business group. Learn more here.

Jessica is the Internal Communications Manager for Microsoft UK. As part of her role, Jessica is at the forefront of all internal events and communications, sending out a company-wide newsletter each week. Learn more here.

Natnatasha welcome to msasha is a Audience Marketing Manager with the Developer Platform Evangelist department. As part of her role Natasha works on all areas of developer marketing, from organising the UK’s entry to the Imagine cup to presenting to large groups of developers. Learn more here.

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