Intel Gaming in Education - Event Insight

Hey there! I'm Jack, Project Lead for the BeYourFuture blog and also a part of the Windows and Devices Integrated Marcomms team, working on Xbox and Microsoft Band!

So a few weeks ago, I was asked to partake in the Annual Intel Gaming in Education Event in London, with the responsibility to pitch my beloved Xbox brand, globally known for being the cutting-edge gaming brand of Microsoft, featuring the powerful Xbox One console, and unquestionably the best gaming line up in Xbox history…as an Educational tool?

I was given the fantastic opportunity, to accompany the Microsoft Educational team in attending this event. We were pitching Microsoft’s latest array of world-beating devices, along with our magnificent Windows 10 cross-platform capability to glue them all together, as the ultimate educational bundle for schools. We set up alongside the likes of HP, Lenovo and Acer and my first responsibility was to build and design our stand.

I arrived at the venue (a very flashy spot way up on the 39th Floor of Canary Wharf - see below arty picture of view) and assessed the scene. I had a number of Microsoft Windows 10 devices at my disposal, ranging from Surface Pro 3’s, to the latest spec HP laptops and other devices. I also had an Xbox One, and a 6-foot frame to build to house our promotional material on. Result!

After much shuffling around I finally completed the stand with an hour to spare, and frankly… our stand definitely looked the best!

The event began and instantly we were swamped by attendees from all over Europe, all stemming from Educational/Enterprise backgrounds and keen to know about what Microsoft had to offer. Working alongside two Full-time Employees from the education team, by the end of the day we had dazzled all visitors to the stand, and developed some fantastic potential leads for the Educational team moving forward.

“Gaming… in Education?? … Surely not.” Jack White, 2015 (approximately 3 weeks ago)

The event gave me the unique opportunity to really see Xbox from a different perspective.
In my day-to-day role, I’m incredibly lucky to work within the Windows and Devices Integrated Marcoms EMEA team – specifically on Xbox and Microsoft Band. This means I’m involved in planning and implementing Marketing Campaigns for both devices across our EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) markets, along with the other part of my role which is managing the logistics, tech support and planning for Xbox events EMEA wide. This year, Xbox has brought out its greatest gaming line-up ever, with key titles like Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Motorsport 6 taking the gaming world by storm. However, this event nudged me to look at Xbox in a different light…

Can it be educational?

The answer… was a resounding yes! With the cross-platform capability of Windows 10, fantastic apps like Miracast which enables users to transmit their screen on any Windows 10 device (straight to the Xbox wirelessly) and also with brilliant games like Minecraft and Project Spark which bring kids into the world of gaming development and teamwork activities from a young age – Xbox really is the perfect tool for the classroom! Added to this, Xbox is an incredibly powerful media player, with Internet Explorer/Netflix/BBC i-player/4OD at your fingertips – to name but a few!

Now I won’t go on too long about this, but as you can see the fantastic thing about working for a company like Microsoft is the genuine love you will develop for our products. We really are a company out to change tech for the whole world, and as interns we get our first real insights into what Microsoft has to offer.

What my experience at the Intel Gaming in Education Event also shows, is the huge array of opportunities we have as interns at Microsoft. There are always other teams within the company, waiting with open arms to bring you into their projects and give you the opportunity to make real impact. The open, collaborative culture of the company is really clear to see.

Thanks for reading, and I strongly advise any current/future Interns/Grads/Apprentices who are lucky enough to be offered a role here to follow suit. Reach out to all areas of the business and get involved, it’s well worth your time!

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