Intern Marketing Role Profile: International Audience Marketing

Harry Morgan

Which university/course:
Loughborough University, History and International Relations BA

Job Title:
International Audience Marketing Intern

Brief description of your job:
A member of Bing’s International Online Consumer Marketing team, working in UK and Canadian markets. Leading all social media content, working on email and paid media campaigns and supporting all other marketing activity to drive revenue for Bing and generate awareness of the brand.

What do you enjoy about your role:
I definitely value the responsibility I am given in this role, and being able to create and deliver engaging marketing activity daily to a wide audience. We launch frequent email campaigns to a base of 20 million people, and our social channels are followed by 100,000 people, so there is opportunity to impact a huge number of consumers…and that’s only two channels! I also enjoy looking at where we can optimise our marketing – how we can improve email open rate, for example. Finally, I have really enjoyed working in an international team, learning from colleagues in 9 different markets across the globe and having input and impact in the running of international campaigns.

Where are you based:
2 Kingdom Street

Which 101 team are you in? (101 teams are intern/apprentice run and lead initiatives that form part of your responsibilities whilst at Microsoft).

I am the Programme Manager for the Tech Traineeship team. Lead completely by a small group of interns, our team recruit a dozen 16-22 year olds for a four-week period of work and training experience at Microsoft. The trainees engage in workshops hosted by employees from across the business, complete Microsoft Office Specialist examinations, pitch a business plan and are mentored weekly.

My role entails creating the four-week programme alongside Polly & Sachita, our Volunteer Managers. Together, we strive to create an all-encompassing experience for the trainees, with sessions on topics ranging from public speaking to coding to digital marketing. It’s certainly time-consuming, but seriously rewarding, especially when we hear of trainees who have secured an apprenticeship after their time on the traineeship.

How has your internship developed your skillset/the way you work?
At the start of my placement, I delivered a presentation on social media performance. I read out a few stats and showed a couple of nice tweets and puns, only to be grilled as to what the strategy behind the content was. What was I trying to achieve? There was no structure to my answer.
Throughout the year, I’ve definitely learned to think and act more strategically, looking at the objectives and goals of everything we do, as well as how we will measure success. Alongside so much more, that is definitely a valuable skill I will take away from this year.

Top tips for being successful during the application process:
Take your time to get to know Microsoft’s values, aims and culture. What does Microsoft’s mission statement tell you about the direction of the company? What can you learn about the programme before you click ‘Apply’? What is the company in the news for at the moment? Microsoft is a lot more than just a technology company, and I’d recommend really highlighting not just that you are aware of this but also how you will contribute to the Microsoft culture.

Highlight of being at Microsoft?
I’m grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had at Microsoft, from intern and team off-sites to launching marketing campaigns after months of preparation and working daily with Tech Trainees during their time at the company. Having the opportunity, at an Early in Career event, to personally discuss the Tech Traineeship programme with Brad Smith, Microsoft President, and Shelley McKinley, Associate General Counsel, is certainly a key highlight. They were interested in learning more about the programme after our meeting, with Brad handing over his card so we could continue communication about the work we do with the trainees. Cindy Rose, Microsoft UK CEO, members of the UK Senior Leadership Team and the Prime Minister, Theresa May, were also in the room for what was an unforgettable day for interns, apprentices and MACHs.

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