Intern Role Profile - Services

Name: David Mtutu

Role: Service Management Consultant

Department: Services

Location: Reading and London

Studying business and management pre-empted and preluded my career aspirations around consulting and analytical roles. I was lucky enough to secure this one as a Service Management Consultant.
‘SMC are the best kept secret in Microsoft,’’ were the words of a senior leader when asked to describe the service management consulting practice. We are a growing team of highly skilled and experienced service management experts. We sit in both premier and Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and across all verticals. Though we sit in a technical delivery capacity, our main scope of work comprises of proactive initiatives around people, processes and technology using the ITIL methodology, so needless to say… ITIL expert certification is a prerequisite for joining. Alongside this is the ability to lead a room of opinionated stakeholders who rely on your expertise and guidance to single handedly complete work which normally requires an entire team.

What I have learnt in this role is that the life of consultant can be both demanding, diverse. Managing customer expectations and providing definitive value is at the forefront of our agendas. On a day to day basis, I will ensure the consultants in my team are fully utilised for the month. Their engagements will consist of a scoping call, two weeks prior to the start date and then delivering the engagement. A high level example would be a customer who wants to move to the cloud. We will ensure they have the right infrastructure to support the new model, have the right people in place, if not then suggest specific training or interview for the essential skill set, safeguarding incident management procedures in place, if not then write up IP which supports this and a plethora of different kinds of work.

Another part of my internship revolves around GLEAM, which is an internal network for gay, lesbian employees at Microsoft. In case you have not noticed that’s what the acronym stands for. To enrich my intern experience further, I was trusted with lead roles such as the photo booth logistics and operations on two separate events and collateral distribution for our flagship event of the year, Pride. Following the recent tragedy in Orlando it goes to sow that there in a need to come together now more than ever. The aforementioned photo booth initiative got the attention of senior leaders in the UK sub including the UK managing director….yes, one of the highlights of my year is a cheeky party photo with Michelle Van der Bel showing support for the cause. I am fortunate to be working in an organisation which celebrates and encourages people to bring their entire selves to work.

As a whole, I am thrilled that I was able to learn these key components to consulting and how to prioritise the customers’ satisfaction and manage their expectations as well as managing relationships with people. On the other hand, I applaud Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility in GLEAM and fostering an environment which cultivates diversity.

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