Intern Hall of Fame FY16 - Charlotte Rowles

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago the Intern End-of-Year event happened in which all the interns across UK gathered for one final time to bond and reflect back on the year. There was also a special award ceremony that took place in which a few interns received awards for their performance. We have decided to cover all this in our final segment of the blog for this year that we named "Intern Hall of Fame FY16"

To kick things off we have a piece from Charlotte, our Marketing intern for Bing who if you remember at the beginning of the year did a role profile post giving you guys an insight into what her role encompasses. Not only she had a fantastic year, but she was also holder of the Personal Impact award. Click here to learn more about her role at Microsoft

Looking back how would you describe your year?

"This year has been one of the most incredible years of my university degree so far! A placement year is unique in each and every company and I had many opportunities to run projects independently and work with amazing people from so many different backgrounds and experiences.

What were some of the things you managed to go?

"I’ve worked as part of the Get On team and all of our hard work has paid off through the 14,000 people we have been able to reach this year. My Bing Ads Team has been incredibly supportive and offered me with so many opportunities. The main skill I was looking to improve on this year was my presentation skills and confidence, I feel as if I’ve been able to work on this and been given the opportunity to present to different audiences at different stages of my internship. Recently I presented to Michel Van Der Bel about the great work Get On has achieved this year."

What is the highlight of your year?

"The biggest highlight for me this year was winning Personal Impact award for my work with Get On. It was so surprising and completely unexpected, but it was brilliant to have the support from the managers there and the other interns especially the London Interns! Microsoft invests in it’s people and to have Michel van Der Bel present our awards to the interns just proves this! Thank you Microsoft for the most fantastic year yet!"

We hope you enjoyed reading this piece from Charlotte. Tune in tomorrow to see who won Intern of the Year

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