Intern Insight - Data Analyst

Name: Muhammad Khan

Role: Sales Excellence & Business Analyst Intern

Department: Microsoft Search Advertising!

Location: Cardinal Place, London

Hello readers of the BeYourFuture Blog!

My name is Muhammad, and I am here on my placement year. I study economics at the University of the West of England and have always been fascinated by technology and its applications - it is what attracted me to Microsoft! It is one of the world’s most recognizable companies and almost everyone has used Microsoft products at one point or another. Now more than ever Microsoft is changing it is the hub for innovation and is driving many new ideas into the marketplace, from HoloLens that will redefine the way we enjoy, educate, learn and collaborate to the one of the world’s biggest clouds that partners with Real Madrid CF!

Some tips on my Application Process

For me personally I found the assessment centre challenging, this was my first one but what was really helpful was how relaxed Microsoft made the experience for me. My biggest tip of the entire process is to make sure you be yourselves and make sure you research the company, remember first impressions are the only impressions.

My Role within Microsoft

I work in a division known as Microsoft Search Advertising, my role is in the sales excellence and business operations team. As a sales excellence and business analysis intern, my focus is to enable the sales team to be as efficient and as effective as they can possibly be. That entails looking at tools and processes for our sales teams as well as the support teams, ensuring new product pathways are laid out and working to find solutions to problems with the tools. The second half of my role is business analysis here I look a lot at data analysis helping the sales teams get the reports they need to track their performance or their client’s performance. We work closely with the sales managers right across Europe looking at target setting and tracking.

My Experience of Microsoft so far

My experience so far has been surreal, you realise when you start working here that the reach of the company is so vast, and so huge, 1.5billion people use a windows powered machine that is 23x the population of the UK! You can feel the impact as you work. The intern programme at Microsoft is amongst the best in the country and you have so many opportunities to do so many different things from helping school children or charities to being involved in huge events like future decoded were so many thousands of people attend.

And finally, my #1 Top Tip for making the most of your internship

You have to be willing to learn and try different things, you will be given a lot of responsibility and also a lot of support, try and make the most of the scale of the organization, I sometimes get so absorbed with the day to day work for search advertising that you forget this is just one part of a huge business there is so many different areas and if you want to look into them all it takes is a quick email to talk and find out more about areas like the cloud or HR or marketing even biological research. Microsoft literally does it all!

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