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Job Role: Software Development Engineering Intern

University Course: BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming


Hi, my name is Valentin and I work as a Software Development Engineer at Lift London. My job consists mainly of working on the game client andimplementing game mechanics.

My favourite aspects of my role

I have been playing and making games for as long as I can remember, so working as a Soft Dev is the perfect role for me. I am working closely with the design team, which means that I can do some design if I want to, which I love. I also like being able to communicate with all the other teams, like art, marketing, etc. and discuss ideas and problems with them.

What I have learnt

Working here has improved both my technical and my soft skills. On one hand I received trainings about numerous technologies, programming languages and techniques. On the other hand my communicationskills haveimproved greatly – I am now much more comfortable when expressing myself and trying to get ideas across. My timetabling and planning haveimproved as well – I was never really organized, but coming here and having to work with other people and deliver on time changed that for good.


The one thing I like the most about the studio is the freedom I have as an intern. Since I began here, which was 4 months ago, I have worked with the services team, done UI programming, worked on several other projects and finally got into the team I am now, which is a cross between designing and prototyping.

Application hints and tips

If you are applying for a software development role in the game studios, I would strongly recommend that you make a portfolio. It is not mandatory and I know people who have got thejob without having one, but it can bring you so much ahead during the interview. It is easy enough to download Unity and start developing and Microsoft is offering some amazing dev software for freethrough the Dreamspark program. Apart from that, make sure that you don’t only talk about your technical skills – communication and team work are very important, and in some cases might be much more valuable than any programming you have done.

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