Intern Role Profile - Data Analyst

Amy RAmy Rosato

Role: Business Analyst Intern

University Course: Business Studies – Portsmouth University

Hi everyone, I’m Amy and I am an intern within Microsoft Services in the Service Centre, situated in Reading. I am a Business Studies Student from Portsmouth University, currently living back at home in London, and I make the drive to Reading every day.

My role

I am a Business Analyst within the Service Centre, and we manage and drive the operation of services, which allow Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to be more efficient. It is our job to drive our services, and to be innovative, constantly evolving what we do to be efficient.

I look after the internal accounts, which customers use to raise cases when their contract is in renewal. This means that if anything has gone wrong with our products which effects how their business runs, we provide them with support. I also help with the customer onboarding process for new contracts, as well as being in charge of all proactive, O365 and security mails sent to all customers.

Being at the heart of Microsoft Premier Services my efforts are constantly recognised, I’m able interact with people across the business and build relationships easily.


One thing that I truly love is the amount of different opportunities I can get involved with outside of my role. At Microsoft, your role is not the be all and end all, you have the chance to shadow and learn from anyone across the business who you’ve built a relationship with. This allows you to really get a feel for roles you are interested in, gain experience, and also really understand how Microsoft works from top to bottom. I’ve been lucky to go to customer meetings in London which is always an exciting experience!

Projects are also great to get your teeth stuck into! You might have compulsory projects, for example within Services, all Service interns have to take part in a Service Project throughout the year. This year we are working with a Microsoft Customer to help improve their current working environment with the help of us and Microsoft Products.

There are numerous optional projects, interns throughout the year may reach out to you to help them in their area, giving you again the opportunity to learn different skills and network with different people. On top of this, there’s always the option of creating your own project if you want to achieve something, or see you could make an improvement somewhere within Microsoft, you can get a team together and attack it head on, the sky is the limit!

Microsoft Culture

I cannot express enough how great the culture is at Microsoft. You are constantly surrounded by welcoming, friendly, passionate individuals who make coming to work enjoyable- especially when you’re new, it’s so easy to fit in. Your working environment is relaxed and one that is extremely flexible. The ability to work from home, and adapt my working hours to what works for me, allows me to have a work-life healthy balance (this does vary depending on your role and how your manager wants you to work). The dress attire is relaxed and casual, though of course this changes from department to department and for certain events.

Application tips and hints

My advice to you all applying is to be yourself, as cliché as it sounds. You could learn every single fact about when, and how Microsoft started, what we sell and do, but if you’re personality doesn’t show, throughout the application process you will not get far. It’s good to research into the company, but try and relate what you learn to your own experiences, likes and hobbies, so that in an interview you’re really connecting Microsoft to yourself and showing the interviewer you’re a perfect fit.

Remember in an interview, you need to make sure Microsoft is the right fit for you, so although you’re being assessed, assess your interviewer! Also when it comes to the Assessment Centre, remember as soon as you walk through Microsoft doors, your assessment has begun!

Hopefully what Ihave writtenwill be of use to you when it comes to understanding what working at Microsoft is like, and I hope to inspire you to apply if you haven’t already!

Good luck with your applications!

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