Intern Role Profile - Data Analyst

Nauria Khan

Role: A&O European HQ Business Analyst

University: University of Worcester – Business, Marketing & Advertising


Hi everyone! My name is Nauria and I am a Business Analyst working in the Advertising & Online European Time zone. My team is directly responsible for supporting the Vice President of A&O Europe, therefore a large part of my day to day responsibilities involve helping out with the more ‘businessy’ side of Microsoft.

This includes helping to prep for Business reviews and project planning internal corporate events. At the same time I am also responsible for looking after some of my long term side projects, one of which focuses on analysing the different sources of competitive information we have available in Microsoft and consolidating it into one easy to read format for our Sales force- It’s more interesting than it sounds!

Opportunities outside my Role

What I love most about Microsoft is the wide range of stretch projects you can get involved in. These stretch projects help you to get a more rounded experience of working for Microsoft and help you make the most of your internship. I decided to join the ‘Get On’ 101 Team, for which I am the London Schools lead. Through Get On, myself and my team get the opportunity to visit schools, partake in careers fairs and conduct workshops with students to better inform them of the wide range of job opportunities available in the Tech industry.

A personal highlight of being a part of Get On has been partaking in a careers fair hosted by Iain Duncan Smith and getting to meet him too!

I am also the Project Co-ordinator for the Women’s Influence Network. WIN’s aim is to support women to strive to reach their full potential by building, developing and nurturing the female community and the next generation of female leaders in A&O.

Application Tips

Be yourself-The most important thing when applying is to just be yourself and don’t be afraid to let your personality show through. Your interviewers at the assessment centre are very likely to be future mangers therefore it is important to be able to connect with them on a personal level not just a professional one.

Dress the part-First impressions are key to doing well through the application process, this is why looking smart and professional during the interviews and assessment centre is so important. Once you’ve got the Job there will be plenty of time to wear jeans but till then, suits and ties!

Do your research- Make sure you research Microsoft and its products fully, it will help you to show you’re passionate about the company and that you’ve taken the initiative to prepare for your interview.

I Hope this has helped you get a better understanding of what it’s like to work for Microsoft and good luck!

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