Intern Role Profile - Marketing

Polly Cartwright

Associate Brand Strategist– YARN
Event Management Ba (Hons)– Bournemouth University

Job Role

Hey everyone! I have just started as the first intern for a creative advertising company within Microsoft called YARN. A bit about YARN – creative, advertising agency who create online advertising campaigns for brands such as Warner Bros, Virgin, AMEX, All Saints, and John Lewis to name a few. My job day to day varies a lot, however it can consist of visiting media agencies to discuss client briefs, planning agency events for our team, brainstorming ideas for adverts with my team and I have also experienced the structure of a marketing business by helping my wider team create engagement plans.

Favourite Aspects of my role

I have only been in Microsoft for 3 months and the amount of people I have met through my job is amazing. All of the marketing roles interlink in some way or another, so if you’re not sure what roll would suit you, you do get the chance to work with many of the different teams within Microsoft Advertising. My team sits closely with Trade Marketing, a team who help to maintain relationships with creative agencies, therefore I have had the chance to work with this team by planning and attending loads of client engagements for some really cool creative agencies, so I’m lucky enough to have been to some amazing events!

What I have learned

You learn so much in such a short space of time about Microsoft, and about how a business works. I learnt so much about the marketing world – different agencies, brands, how pitches to clients work, but most importantly I have realised how Microsoft isn’t just a corporate IT company, but that within it, it has some amazing creative advertising teams and some of the most creative minds in the industry! Being able to work alongside some really experienced creatives is an amazing experience as I have been able to watch presentations and learn how to capture an audience which is something I have always had an interest in.



An internship at Microsoft is great as the company want you to learn as much as possible, therefore you are given the opportunity to work with so many different people within the business. I have had the opportunity to work with colleagues who work all around the world, people who aren’t in any relation to my job, so you really do get a taster of what it’s like working with different teams and in different areas of the business.

Microsoft Culture

I got to work on my first day, black trousers, smart shirt, looking like one of the blues Brothers, when I saw my manager walking about in flip flops and shorts, let’s just say I haven’t worn that shirt since. Microsoft is really relaxed, not just in the dress sense of most of the employees, but also how friendly all the employees are, you can set up meetings with anyone and they will be happy to help you have a great year!

Application Tips & Hints

Don’t worry if you’re not extremely techy! I was really worried about this when I was applying for my role, and with a degree in Business and Events management, I thought I didn’t stand a chance! You really don’t have to be a tech expert to get an internship so don’t let that put you off!

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