Intern Role Profile - Data Analyst

James Parsons

Role: Data Analyst, Advertising & Online
University: Mathematics – Brunel University.

Hi there,

I’m James, a Mathematics student from Brunel University currently on my industrial placement as a data analyst for Online Advertising Operations. My role as a data analyst provides me with great opportunities and a large amount of responsibility to utilize my theoretical knowledge in the practical working environment.

My Role

In particular, the team I work for provides Operations for the display component of global advertising here at Microsoft. This includes advertisements on Outlook, MSN & Skype. As a data Analyst, I obtain data from our vendors and identify trends and changes which impact our Key Performance Indicators. Using Excel, I’m the first in my team to create high quality deliverable reports from this data; I then work with my team, combining our knowledge and skills to make any changes necessary to have the reports ready for the rest of the company to view.

Favourite Aspects of My Role

This is definitely a role I would recommend to anyone with good analytical and numerical skills. My role allows to me to apply my technical ability into the professional environment and develop a plethora of new skills!

James Parsons


Further to my job role, I am able to develop my skills by having an active participation within the “London Schools – Get On” 101 team. This is one of several stretch projects available to interns and it gives me the opportunity to provide presentations and workshops to large school audiences. Through my work with the Get On Team, I’ve had the opportunity to significantly improve my team-work skills, prioritization & planning ability – all of which are key transferable skills in the office.

There is also a fantastic range of exams available to sit at Microsoft to learn new skills and bolster your CV. Many of these exams cost upwards of £50 and I’ve had the chance to sit them for free!

Application Tips

Firstly, don’t be put off by the size of the company and the quantity of applicants. Everyone starts of at the same stage of application and is given an equal chance to demonstrate their skills and ability.

Secondly, don’t be too worried if you feel like you don’t have all the skills required to be a data analyst, e.g. Excel. At Microsoft there’s resources to teach any of these skills. Microsoft really encourage and support the development of interns so if there’s a need for us to learn something, they’ll ensure that we have the resources to do so!

Good luck, J.

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