Intern Role Profile - Finance

Bianca Ravindran

University: Birmingham City University – .Economics and Finance
Role: UK G&A Finance


I work in the Finance team supporting Microsoft’s Services business and as my job title implies, I spend a lot of my time analysing financials and really penetrating into the drivers of the numbers and the impact that this has on the business. At the beginning of my internship, I was given the responsibility monitoring closely how we were performing against our budgets; following up any discrepancies when necessary. My role has expanded so much since then and now I find myself analysing various sets of financials using a wide range of methods and Microsoft’s latest tools so that I can communicate the figures to my stakeholders effectively. I love being busy and my role stretches me so that I can continuously challenge myself!

Favourite aspects of my role

The level of responsibility that I am entrusted with is truly one of my favourite things about the role. You are not treated as just ‘the intern’. You are designated real life projects to work on, of which the outcomes potentially contribute to the strategic decisions of Microsoft. So yes – the fact that I actually am making a difference to a hundred billion dollar organisation is amazing. The second is how different every day at work is. Of course there is some structure when it comes to forecasting, month end and scheduled reviews but there is so much to explore and the best part is – I can work on projects that excite me. There is a reason each person has a seat at the table and the fact that we have the freedom to express our ideas and suggestions really keeps me engaged in my role!

What I’ve learnt so far

I’ve learnt that the structure of Finance within Microsoft is very different to anything I would have expected. The Finance team work more as business partners and we liaise closely with the business so that together we can make the right decisions.

Opportunities outside of my role:

You’ll probably hear this several times but believe me it is true… You get out of this internship what you put in! Microsoft is renowned for the endless opportunities that it offers to its employees. I have had the amazing opportunity to test out the equipment that Microsoft Consulting Services are working on for the Guide Dogs Project that Satya Nadella (CEO) is an executive sponsor for. Experiences like this emphasise how lucky I am to be part of company that is changing the world we live in! I’m also part of the SPRINT 101 team where we encourage female undergraduates to consider careers in industries such as technology. Aside from this, I’m working on a project with some other interns where we are looking to help a school for children with learning difficulties get the most out of all the technology that is available to them.

Application Tips & Hints:

Be Passionate: Show that you are truly interested in working for Microsoft – do your research and express your excitement on the latest products, announcements etc. You do not have to be a techy genius to work at Microsoft but you do need to be genuinely passionate about what you aspire to do – this should shine through!

Be Likeable: Sounds obvious, right? It is important to remember that your interviewers during your Assessment Centre are likely to be your potential managers and so here they will definitely be considering whether you are someone they and their team can work with 5 days a week! Be friendly, ask questions and most importantly – SMILE!

Be Calm: This is probably the best piece of advice I can give when it comes to your pre-recorded video interview. Here, they get to see how you react to unexpected situations. Stay calm – it is not about having a perfectly scripted answer for each question.Do, however, take note of the time you have! This is probably the first time the recruiter will see you so remember to prepare and dress appropriately too!

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