Intern Insights - Games Production

Anand Subramaniam

Role: Associate Producer – Lift London

University Course: BSc (BEng) Multimedia and Arts Technology – Queen Mary, University of London

Job Role

Hey! I’m Anand and I’m an Associate Producer for Lift London, part of Microsoft Studios. We at Lift are working strongly with Microsoft’s new approach to innovating – in a Cloud First and Mobile First world. No one week is the same as the previous one. Things are always changing, especially if you’re working in Games As A Service. My core responsibilities include working with the game development cycle, managing and operating teams, team task management, mitigating risk and supervising game audio.

Favourite Aspects of the Role

Let me tell you a secret. I do much more than what I’ve said above. I’ve created posters, data visualizations, video editing, some in-game cut scene production, code debugging. And this is the beauty of my role, it is incredibly flexible and the amazing team that I work with have helped create opportunities for me to further explore my interests. I absolutely love working in here! Everyone is incredibly motivated and talented, which makes me feel humbled to be here. The magic is broken (finding out how games are made), however developing an emotional attachment to something that almost does not exist physically, very few have the opportunity to feel that.

What I have Learnt

This role sits outside of what I learn at university. I feel that this, in itself, provides are very large platform of learning. I’ve only ever been exposed to the consumer side of gaming, as a kid I played a few games but loved them dearly. Being able to oversee and understand how games are made from a producer’s point of view is a very challenging task as it requires knowledge from every aspect that touches game development, which also includes design, optimization, art, marketing, audio and business. This something new and challenging, and every day I learn something new.


There are tons of opportunities for interns to opt in to do. This ranges from volunteering, marketing, 101 teams (a yearlong commitment, teaming up with other interns to think new and ahead), giving talks – the list is endless. That’s why I’m here, I am one of the Video Leads for BeYourFuture as I love producing videos in my spare time. Of course our managers and colleagues also help create some of these opportunities for us, once they find out what our interests are. In the near future, I will also be visiting some universities (including my own) to give a talk about my experiences in working for Microsoft.

Microsoft Culture

Working in Studios is an incredible experience and the guys at Lift would agree. It is the moments like playing a game of pool after lunch, or playing a game of FIFA after work, going out for social events that adds the cherry on top of the icing. Everyone is really motivated and we are all like-minded people. They also run clubs with Soho Productions (also part of Microsoft Studios), photography being one of them. Every so often the studio runs video gaming tournaments. Game Jams occur every so often too which helps strengthen relationships between unfamiliar studio members by working in small groups to build a small project over a few days. But watch out, you might get hit by a Nerf gun. The culture at Microsoft ensure that all interests and hobbies are promoted and new ones are created to allow you to experiment and divulge in.

Application Tips & Hints

You will have heard this a lot, but that is because it works. Be yourself, be honest. Expect the unexpected. Always be prepared to talk about anything. The interviewers aren’t there to catch you out but are genuinely interested in what you have done and experienced, as well as what you want to do in the future.

And most of all, be confident and motivated. It is really important that you know what you are talking about and that you have a clear vision for the near future. Be the best you can be! Good luck!!

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