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Luke Cross

Role: Software Development Engineer in Test Intern – Lift London
BSc Computer Science – University of Birmingham

Job Role

Hey! I’m Luke and I am currently working as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) Intern at one of the London based Microsoft Game Studios, Lift London. This office is based in Oxford Circus so is never far away from anything going on in London which is great! Working as an SDET I have been doing very varied work during my internship so far but all to benefit the Test department in the studio. This includes creating automation that captures the state of the game at different points in order for QA teams to review and also for a hub for developers and artists to see the different states in the game. In addition to this I have worked with different teams in the studio to create a dashboard that displays data about Test in the studio (bug numbers, leader board of developers with the most bugs, test coverage etc.).

lukecrossThe Technical Side

Dependant on the studio you are based, you could be using different programming languages for your role. My experience was in JAVA programming at university but during my internship I have been using C#, Python and JavaScript/HTML. You do not need to know every language under the sun to get a technical internship, as long as you understand the fundamentals and can display this in a programming language, the others are easy to pick up.

What I Have Learnt

Apart from learning all my knowledge of C# and Python, as I did not know either of these before I started at Microsoft;I have developed a lotas an individual. This being my soft skills such as communication and presentation skills which have been improved because of Intern 101 teams, and just the fact you are in a real life working environment,getting involved in all of the business events related to your office, thedepartment andthe companyin general.


Being an intern at Microsoft really allows you to be part of the bigger picture. You get to get involved of teams and events that are going on. For example during my time so far I was able to go to Euro Gamer with Microsoft (click here for the video of me and other interns at Euro Gamer), to travel to universities around the country to talk to students and SEVERAL evening events. As well as this, there are smaller things which just enhance the enjoyment of the job, for example I play football with my office every week which is another great way to connect with your team.

Application Hints & Tips

Like all technical roles, you will have to show you technical and problem solving way of thinking. You might be asked to answer coding questions or problem solving questions, but as long as you communicate your way of thinking don’t worry too much if you can’t answer every one. I know I couldn’t. In terms of the other application processes just be yourself, do your research and show a real passion and enthusiasm for Microsoft and the products they create.

Good Luck with your applications!

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