Intern Role Profile - Human Resources and Citizenship

Laura Born Navarro

Role: Associate Talent Sourcer

Degree: International Business at Kingston University.

Laura NavarroIntroduction

Hi everyone! I am part of the Talent Acquisition Team. My role is quite varied, which is something I like. It sits between a Talent Sourcer and a Staffing Consultant role; which means I am able to manage the recruitment of roles from the very early stages of posting the role after having spoken to the hiring managers, to doing CV and phone screenings; all the way to Assessment Centres and making the offers. I mainly work within Industry level hiring, however I do enjoy helping out the university staffing team; attending career talks at universities and helping out at Intern &Graduate assessment centres.

Within my role I also work with Diversity and Inclusion projects, assist with the social media aspects of my team and carry out research around trends in the industry and competitors- which I really enjoy!

Favourite aspects ofmy role

The opportunities and responsibility you’re given as an intern here is not something you see everywhere. As an intern you are given projects to manage on your own and then present back to the team. Or you’re even encouraged to consider what the aims for the quarter/year are and come up with solutions and ideas – and then try them!You are comfortable asking questions and with support along the way.
Microsoft really believethat early in our career we can bring some new fresh ideas to the table, so they’ll constantly ask for your opinion or even expect you to share your thoughts, as they really value yourcollaboration.

Thisexists throughout the whole internship programme; but it’s this level of involvement that I really enjoy from my role and which is making this sucha great experience.
Also, the way my team supports all different areas of the business is really giving me a great insight into so many components of this large multinational and understanding how they each contribute to the overall business strategy!

What I have learned

Being able to submerge myself in a working environment has really helped me see and understand how it all works from the inside. I have also learnt to take opportunities as you get them, get out of your comfort zone and learn new things – you may find that you end up finding an area you like and are actually good at!

As part of my role I was given the opportunity to help organise and run an event to teach to ‘code an app in a day’. I was then luckily given the chance to actually take part; learning basic coding with html, javascript and we even talked about some C#. Never before had I even considered coding would be something I could do, but turns out I actually enjoy it!

Helping out and volunteering is always something I’ve felt quite passionate about, so being able to form part of Microsoft’s GetOn initiative is great. This teamhas the aim of helping young people ‘Get Inspired, Get Skilled and Get a Job!’ I am part of the Reading events team which organise events on-site at the UK Headquarters.

Added to that there is a large focus placed on YOU at Microsoft, within the internship programme and overall, whereby personal development is key; and eagerness to be constantly learning and developing yourself is highly valued! Which is a great environment to be working in.

Microsoft Culture

MSFT is big on work/life balance, and therefore we have flexible working hours which people shape depending on the time zones they workin,or even their family! There is a great belief that if you do your work well, to high standards and efficiently, then work where you’re most comfortable! Be that on one of the many sofas around the office, on bean bags, over a coffee, at home…etc! They also know that a break may also be in order so if you have time, feel free to have a wonder to one of the ping pong, pool tables or Xboxes around!
It is a very open culture where asking questions is valued and you really do have opportunities to work with and meet people from different business areas, floors, levels and countries! :)

Application tips and hints

As cheesy as this may sound, and I’m sure you’ve all heard it before…be yourself!! The recruitment process focuses strongly on the personality of the candidates and their strengths!
I’d also suggest you try and tailor your CV as much as you can to the job description given; if it’s vague try and think about the role/stream and what you think they may look for, or do some research! If a JD isn’t given, think things through – what do you really want them to know about you in the CV? Or even send over an email trying to get a little more of an insight. Trust me, I have scanned through many CVs in the past 6 months here and it really does show when someone has just been sending the same CV to all companies and roles!

Also, try and find current stories and news about Microsoft – even more ideally around topics that you have a real passion for! Are you a keen football player? Talk about their partnership with Real Madrid or.. Interested in wearable technologies? Talk about the Microsoft band. The more personable you come across, but at the same time knowledgeable, the more you will be remembered!

Lastly, try and make the most of the application process too – ask questions, find out things about the company, programme and role! It’s also a way for you to figure out if that company really is the best place for you. :)

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