Intern Role Profile - Marketing

Nathan Stewart

Role: Cloud & Enterprise Product Marketing Manager

Degree Course: Marketing Management – Lancaster University

Nathan Stewart

Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m a Product Marketing Manager for Cloud and Enterprise, within the Marketing and Operations team here at Microsoft. I’m currently studying Marketing Management at Lancaster University where I will return to finish my degree after my internship.

My job involves working to support the activities of the products in the Cloud and Enterprise Business Group. These products include Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Enterprise Mobility and the Internet of Things, plus others. We are focused on Microsoft’s B2B technical IT solutions that allow businesses to innovate through IT. This is one of the fast growing areas of the business and is also at the forefront of the IT industry. The Cloud, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Mobility are all key trends in technology at the moment and the area I work in focusses on making these trends a reality for businesses.

Coming from a marketing degree, the role instantly appealed to me – ‘Product Marketing Manager’ has a great ring to it. This title essentially means that I am a manager of resources to enable marketing activity. Through the products that I work with, I am exposed to a lot of different aspects that come within marketing; for example targeting different kinds of audiences such as technically skilled or business executives and making full use of different platforms for communication such as online e.g. digital and social, in person events, webinars etc.

Favourite Aspects of the Role

One aspect of my role that I particularly enjoy is customer evidence. This part of my job allows me to work with customers who have bought our products and had positive experiences with them. Here the goal is to work with the customer to produce content that demonstrates how they are innovating in their industry through Microsoft technologies. This aspect of myrole gives me the opportunity to network both internally within Microsoft but also with our customers. The customers we work with vary so much, for example, I was on site with UCAS to produce a video early on in my role and I plan on visiting the ASOS offices later this month (Click here for the UCAS video).Nathan Stewart Seattle


I’ve had great opportunities for travel in my role. In my six months of being here I have already been to Seattle, Amsterdam and London. I have also had the chance to visit other Microsoft offices like the Skype office. I visited Amsterdam with my 101 team (GenOne) to pitch a project to the Dutch General Manager (Quam, a fellow intern, was also on this trip – check out his insight here). To get the opportunity to pitch to someone as senior as a GM whilst being an intern was an amazing experience, but to travel at the same time really made it something special. I visited Seattle back in September – only 3 months into my role – with my team to attend the Cloud and Enterprise Summit. This is an annual conference for all of the Cloud and Enterprise teams across the globe. This was an incredible and unique opportunity for me and what I learnt more about the industry, Microsoft and multinational companies was invaluable. From just 3 months in, I knew that this was a company I loved working for and one that could offer me so much.

Microsoft Culture

The culture at Microsoft is not necessarily what you’d expect. With it being a well-established company you’d perhaps think we sit in cubicles or offices and clock in for our 9-5 every day. In fact, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere where you’re encouraged to learn and explore other areas of the business, perhaps whilst having a coffee at one of the many coffee shops on the campus. That being said, we don’t have meetings sat on the floor in a circle holding hands singing together; like one of my friends from home once thought. It is a culture where you’re encouraged to work hard, but in an environment and with people that suit you.Nathan Stewart Amsterdam

Application tips and hints

When I was first applying to internships, like most people I quickly found my one or two ideal jobs and immediately said I’d just go for those as they were the ones I wanted over any other. What I quickly came to learn was that applications, tests and interviews are not things you learn overnight and that actually your ideal job may not open until a few months later – just like Microsoft for me. My advice to anyone applying now is that you should apply for companies and jobs that aren’t necessarily in your top 5 or top 10 and then use these as experiences to learn from. To build up your confidence, andyour answers to those tricky questions. Then when you eventually head into an interview for a job that you think is the right one for you, you’re prepared, you’re experienced, and you’re ready.

Finally I’d say that the classic cliché of ‘be yourself’ is a saying for a reason. Don’t pretend to be someone you think the interviewer wants you to be. Firstly they’ll see through it and secondly if you do pull it off, 6 months down the line you’ll probably hate the job. Be yourself and stick at it!

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