Intern Role Profile - Marketing

Oliviero Iurcovich

Role: Public Sector Sales Excellence Marketing intern

Course: University of Surrey, BSc International Business Management

Oliviero Hi! I am Oli, the Public Sector Marketing intern. This means that on a day to day basis, I manage and organise different marketing activities across the Education, Health, National Security and Government sectors. It is an industry-based rather than product-based marketing.

My Role

The main part of time is dedicated at managing the Public Sector Reference and Advocacy Programme. What this mean in simple English, is that I take every interesting contract won in the Public Sector and try to make a story out of it: either through a Blog, a Public Release piece, video or case study.

This doesn’t mean that I develop the content myself, but rather take ownership of these mini-projects and create the right conditions for all the stakeholders involved to develop their best outcomes. This position gives me good exposure with customers, account managers (those who seal the deals at Microsoft) and marketing agencies that produce the content.

Two key skills necessary to successfully delivery these tasks are:

  • Communication: always make sure that every stakeholder knows what is happening, where we are heading and how we are going to get there.
  • Expectation management: there are certain constrains when working on Reference such as budget, customer willingness or how important the win is in for us. Making sure that no one sets higher expectations than what we can realistically deliver is very important. Remember also that the customer has always the last word on deciding what to develop.


Besides this, I work on many other projects as part of my role. One of these was organising the Microsoft UK Hour of Code (click *here *if you want to read more about this).

I also project managed the creation of the Showcase Classroom website, a new Microsoft Education initiative that allows anyone with an interest in Education Technology to experience the whole value of Microsoft proposition in an hands-on experience.

The main challenge of this project was trying to make stakeholders (such as content or web developers) understand the concept behind the Showcase Classroom to ensure they were working in the right direction (it took me a while to get this through!). Getting the messaging right was the most important thing, and I had to go back and forth with different version of the page between different stakeholders until it was perfect. Persistency in following up individuals to make sure they would deliver their task on time was really important and identify different roles’ priorities was key to get into their agenda.

Favourite Aspects of my Role

The favourite part of my role is that varies a lot. The Reference programme allows me to deal with a wide range of individuals both inside and outside the organisation.

I love seeing how our technology enables different businesses reach their outcomes and how it is applied in different ways to different scenarios.

Also, working in the Public Sector gives me a wide overview and understanding of all our products and services and offers me so many opportunities to work in stretch projects. For example I am part of a team that is looking at new ways of promoting and increasing the downloads of O365 pro plus for Students. Basically Microsoft is offering almost every student in the UK to download O365 for free from its University/College/School. In this team of interns, we are trying to identify the main problem of why students across the country are not downloading the free software available to them. We have then to report directly to the director of the UK Public Sector.

Tips for the Assessment Centre Interview:

Identify what stream you want to do (there is not a right one) and make sure you do your research about it. This will help you become passionate about it and will allow you to answer the interview questions more naturally and secure your placement. This is valid for every job you apply to: experience and qualifications are important only on the paper, when it comes to 1:1 interviews is the person that manages to show the biggest passion and enthusiasm that tends to get the job!

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