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Role: Windows ConsumerMarketing

University Course: Business Management (Year in Industry) – University of Birmingham

Job Role

Hey everyone, I’m Dan and I’m an intern in the Windows Consumer Marketing Team. I’ve been here for 3 months now and have loved every minute of it. It’s quite strange thinking I’ve been here 3 months now, but time has quite literally flown by. My job role in the Windows BG (Business Group) has allowed me to get involved in some great projects, varied experiences and some really cool elements of the business. In my job I have a few commitments. I am firstly the Social Media Community Manager for Windows UK Facebook and Twitter pages, whilst I also work with online ‘influencers’ and also get involved in Windows app marketing. In addition, I also provide device and campaign/event support, this often means that I get to try out all the latest tech, which as someone who loves tech is pretty cool! I also work across departments to ensure that our marketing activities land.

Favourite aspects of my role

One of my main responsibilities is to* manage the WindowsUK Facebook (18m) and Twitter (18k) pages.* I aim to engage consumers with all things Windows, whilst also improving the overall Windows brand and it’s perception within the marketplace. Whilst posting to 18m+ people on a regular basis can be daunting, it’s really interesting to see what content works and what doesn’t. As the lead for these pages, this means that if* I have creative ideas or fancy running a social campaign then that’s completely up to me!*


I have also had the opportunity to get involved in some really exciting projects. One of the biggest opportunities I had was to get involved in organising EGX, the UK’s largest gaming show, where over 75,000 people attended over the 4 days. I took the lead in organising the event from a Windows consumer side, where we aimed to demonstrate the casual gaming side to Windows. . This was a brilliant experience and one which was solely organised, managed and run by interns. Check out the eventblog post, featuringan incredibleamazing videohere.

Iwas also lucky enough to attend the ‘Power of the Pen’, Surface Pro 3 launch at the National Portrait Gallery. James Mylne, a ballpoint pen artist, using just the Surface Pro 3 managed to create photograph style portraits of influential Brits who have had influence with a pen, such as William Shakespeare. It was an amazing event and really interesting to see the PR side to a product launch. Check out the pictures here.

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What I havelearnt

Ihave learned huge amounts in specific areas such as social media, event and device management, whilst I am also learning about how a marketing campaign is organised, executed and run. Above all I have learned to get involved in as many things as possible, by saying ‘yes’ to lots of people this has firstly allowed me to experience lots of amazing things, but has also improved my understanding and knowledge of the business and industry. Recently I volunteered to sell Surface Pro 3’s in the Bullring shopping centre, this was outside my job role, but was something I thought might be a good experience. I ended up having a great time and it also considerably improved my selling skills.

Microsoft Culture

The culture in Microsoft is just awesome, it’s completely different to what I expected. I imagined a very strict, hierarchical, ‘suit wearing’ culture, whereas in reality it’s very relaxed, welcoming, collaborative and friendly. It amazes me how willing people are to spend a few minutes with you or if you take advantage of our amazingly cheap Starbucks and Costa prices and buy them a coffee, it’s amazing what a coffee and cake can do! Whilst cheap coffee does tend to entice most people, our selection of free fizzy drinks, fruit and amazing food is something to also take advantage of.

Application Tips & Hints

Be yourself and be passionate. I ended up having 10 stages of interviews before being offered my job, it wasn’t because no-one wanted me or because my job was particularly special, it was because Microsoft saw where my passions and skills lay and they thenfitted me into the company. As a result I absolutely love my job and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

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