Intern Role Profile - Sales

Grant Youngman

Role: International Sales Co-ordinator

University: Surrey – Business Management


My role is a bit of a difficult question, my title as an International Sales Co-ordinator hasn’t changed but what I do has. For the first 6 months I was assigned to the technical operations team within Multinational advertising and online. This means I was part of the team that is responsible for checking, building and assigning creative (the actual advert on the webpage) and to trouble shoot any other technical issues.

For me, this was a bit of a shock as I thought I was a relatively technical person until I started here but the team ramped me up very quickly and felt comfortable with tasks I was given.

Due to a re-structuring I changed roles and became a Sales Planner. I am now responsible for setting up campaigns in our systems, pulling prices and availability for our platforms and sharing this with the sales team in order to sell the advertising space.

As my team is International/Multinational, we deal with campaigns that are running cross market, for example if Nike wanted to run a campaign in the big 5 European countries, that campaign would be carried out by my team as oppose to just one market. This means that I am working within an incredibly diverse market which is extremely interesting and beneficial for me.

Favourite aspects of my role

One aspect I enjoy most about my role is the work we do, being able to see campaigns through from beginning to end is something I really enjoy and due to the multinational aspect no campaign is the same.

The other is the team, I got lucky with the team I was placed in and it has been a great fit for me, everyone made me feel welcome and are always around for any questions or difficulties I may face. It’s a lively team, outgoing and very sociable which has been perfect for me.


There are almost endless opportunities for you to take advantage of, no one minds you stopping them and asking for a meeting or a day shadowing them to find out more about their position which means you are not confined to your individual role.

The 101 teams also are a great opportunity to utilize, I am the London work experience lead for Get On and this is incredibly rewarding, seeing our candidates enjoying their week and really taking something away from it.

Outside of work there are also many opportunities with sports teams to be a part of, I personally played basketball before work with a few other Microsoft colleagues. It’s a great opportunity to break barriers and to feel like an integrated member of the team.

Microsoft Culture

I would explain the culture here as professionally casual. The dress code is pretty casual too, I wear a shirt and jeans most days, occasionally a t shirt, and that’s pretty smart compared to others, this really does depend on the team. Everyone’s friendly and there’s no need to feel intimidated by any one. As long as you are hardworking and dedicated you will fit right in.

Application Advice

My 3 biggest tips for the Application process would be:

– Take note of the advice from others: I remember thinking that some of the advice I had heard was a bit cliché and slightly forced, but everything I read or got told is exactly what I am saying now. Really take it on board and utilize it.
– Keep Calm and be yourself: During the assessment centre, the people “assessing” you could potentially be your future colleagues. You need to come across as someone that they would want to work with and be around on a daily basis, so don’t try and act like something you’re not (because believe me they can tell and you will not be able to keep it up)
– Make sure you add value to discussions: This is crucial, during the day you will go through many activities and it is crucial you don’t fill the room with hot air. Think over your point and how you can articulate it in the correct way before speaking will really help you come across in a succinct way.

That’s all from me, but good luck with your application process and hope to see you in July .

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