Intern Role Profile - Business Services

Jake Simpson

Role: Global Consumer Insights Intern

University: Business Management (BSc) – University of Surrey

Jake Simpson

Hi everyone, I’m Jake and I work in Global Consumer Insights. My role involves research into Microsoft’s own platforms, our competitors, consumer behaviour and the future of technology. On a daily basis I get up to a range of different things. I have worked on bespoke research requests from Sales where a client company will request information about Microsoft on a specific demographic or ‘personality.’ I would then collate some data, analyse it and present it back to them to give them cutting edge insights as to why said company should advertise with us over anyone else!

I also have undertaken research studies into a ‘Consumer Decision Journey’ (why do people buy things? How does certain nuances influence that journey?) and ‘Digital Trends’ (what do people expect out of their tech? Do consumers care about data privacy?) Lastly, I take the lead on researching the future of technology! I’m generally one of the first to find out about new developments such as biometric payment systems or mobile apps that can learn as you use it (Jake’s just left the office, therefore by the current traffic according to maps he will be home at 7 not 6:30, so I should turn on his heating at 6:30 instead of the normal 6!)

Favourite Aspect of my Role

I love my role, from the chilled atmosphere to the incredible research opportunities I get involved with. But I would say that being at the forefront of technology and change is my favourite aspect. I get to know what is happening in the world of tech before the vast majority of employees, friends, family, you name it.

Then being able to apply that knowledge directly to presentations or to my extended team and make a difference in client meetings is a great feeling!

What have I Learnt?

You learn a lot working at one of the largest companies in the world. I would say that aside from a general professional approach to work and life the biggest thing I’ve learnt or improved is my decision making ability. In a fast paced market like the one we operate in things can change very quickly. But by being able to stop, take a step back and really evaluate the situation you can make more informed decisions. When you can do this at ease and without taking forever you can really make an impression with the work you do, for me this is using the right sources, ensuring the insights provided are impactful & analysing the why behind the numbers.


There are a plethora of opportunities here, from the 101 teams to PDP to individual stretch projects, it’s up to you to utilise these over the year! With my 101 team ‘Milkround’ I have been able to spend time with first and second year students from Universities all over the UK, talking to them about Microsoft’s internship. It’s a rewarding feeling when you see people you recruited move through the application process! I also got to conduct the French refresh of our Value Me study (what is your online data worth?) which was incredible! Going to Paris and witnessing first-hand how professional focus groups are led was an invaluable experience. Your ideas are really supported too, I am currently working with several senior staff members to bring a concussion app used in the NFL to British sports, using the cloud and Azure to facilitate the process!

Microsoft Culture

The culture is one of the best things about working here. It really is a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Everyone knows their responsibilities and everyone gets their work done to an impeccable standard, but when you throw in areas with bean bags, table tennis, Xbox, pool, free soft drinks it only makes you work harder. The social scene within the intern community is great! Not to mention with my team!

Application Advice

  • Be confident in your abilities, but be yourself!
  • Do your research around the company culture, our platforms & our vision. Use that in your interview. What’s Yammer? How do we use it? What is our goal? What companies do Microsoft own?
  • Make yourself stand out; show your unique qualities. What is it about you, your experiences & extracurricular activities that make you the best person for the internship?
  • Don’t freak out! The whole process is friendly and a great experience! Make sure you enjoy it!
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