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Josh Riches

Role:Program Manager – MSN International
University and Course: International Business Management BSc–The University of Surrey.

Role Insight

Hi, I’m Josh and I am an intern Program Manager for MSN UK and Ireland & Bing Apps. I manage the Sports, Weather and Health and Fitness sections of the site, ensuring a best in class product within our market. My responsibilities includetesting and identifying bugs to push through to the engineering team to fix in order toensure a flawless user experience. I also on-board feeds from premium content providers through managing relationships with 3rd party external vendors such as Sky, as well as analysing the success of these sections (verticals) through KPIs such as page views and user engagement of the site.

Favourite Aspects of my Role

I love my role! MSN is an international website with over 400 million unique visitors per month, as well as being the default Internet Explorer homepage. The site delivers a wide range of engaging content from dozens of partners and is a truly immersive online experience. Therefore the responsibility of being part of such an important aspect of the Microsoft’s online services which areused by millions of people,is extremely exciting. Also, experiencing an organisation that operates internationally spanning multiple cultures and nationalities is one of my favourite aspects of the job. There is also no ‘the intern’ stigma within the team; I am treated with equal respect and my input is equally as valued as the full time PM’s which has helped me become confident and excel in the role.

What I Have Learnt

The whole experience has been a very steep learning curve. I have learnt a great deal about the online content experience industry from websites to apps, and the technology industry as a whole! I have also relished working in and around a fast paced editorial environment, where I help provide the foundations for great editorial content to be curated for MSN users. Most importantly I feel that I have learnt how to successfully integrate into a modern work environment where 80% of my role is communication; be it status updates, requests for information, reporting issues and collaborating with international counterparts. These skills could be translated to wherever I want to take my career!

Josh Riches Intern Insights


Intern led projects (101 team) allow us to contribute to Microsoft outside our day to day role. I am the Project Lead for this Blog! This has allowed me to collaborate with talented interns who I would not normally meet from across Microsoft UK, to deliver exciting content to give you the insight to excite and inspire you to apply for this incredible internship (watch this space). I am also taking part in an international football tournament for Microsoft UK in October, which is an opportunity to play the sport I love with people from Microsoft subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. Microsoft really is a “uni away from uni” so you don’t feel like youmiss extra thecurricular opportunities that university provides. It’s all here!

Microsoft Culture

Forget navy and charcoal suits, forget strict hierarchies, closed boothsand power distance.* Think smart casual, approachable supportive managers and bright open offices*. Microsoft is a modern organisation that values its’ people as its’ best asset, with an emphasis on development and training and no shackling formalities.

Application Tips & Hints

Do your homework! Take time to research the amazing products that Microsoft create; whatever inspires you, whether it be Window’s Phone or the Surface, Azure, MSN, Office, or of course XBOX. Discuss it, and communicate your interest in it and how you see it contributing to Microsoft, genuine enthusiasm will get you far! (Follow the blog – shameless plug).

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