Intern Role Profile - Sales

Rose Brennan

Role: Sales Solution Professional – EPG (Devices)
Nottingham Trent – Business Management

My Role

Hey, I am Rose, and my role at Microsoft is a Sales Solution Professional in the Devices team sitting in EPG – Enterprise Partner Group (don’t worry, I didn’t know what that meant at first, either!) Essentially, I sell our devices (whether that is Microsoft hardware or other manufacturers) and mobility story to enterprise customers. I absolutely love my role, particularly because it is very customer facing. I have been given real responsibility and I entirely manage my own time and learning. I am studying Business Management and Marketing at Nottingham Trent University and have relocated to Reading for my internship as I am based at Thames Valley Park.
My role at Microsoft has provided me with some amazing opportunities but outside of the role there are hundreds more on offer, examples of these may be, shadowing another intern or graduate in a different part of the business to gain exposure and learning more, getting involved in the 101 teams such as Milkround or raising money for charity! Alongside my daily role I work with the UK Youth Team, to raise money for UK Youth, this work has given me the opportunity to collaborate with a team of interns from different parts of the business, organising and running events throughout the year to raise money for the charity.

One of the best things about working for Microsoft is the fact that YOU get to map your success, it is entirely dependent on what you would like to achieve and what makes you tick as a person as to what you will gain from this year. My team, the interns and the university staffing team have been a fantastic network of support to help me develop as an individual but, ultimately the key to success is in your hands, Microsoft simply provides you with an incredible foundation to build upon this.

Rose BrennanApplication Process

Okay, so now you know how wonderful working for Microsoft is… Time to apply (no pressure!!)

Honestly, that is the first piece of advice, don’t succumb to the pressure. One of my favourite things about Microsoft is that the organisation embraces personality, please feel encouraged not to stick to what you think will ‘tick the boxes’ especially, early on in the application process.

Remember, thousands of applications are sent in, so get your thinking caps on, and think of some unique competency answers. Make sure to give a range of examples from both education and outside of it.

  • Finally don’t be deterred by the fact that Microsoft is a technology company, I am the least ‘techie’ person ever but, I am interested in the industry and passionate about learning, there is a role for everyone!

If you are successful you will be invited to conduct some online tests, I panicked here– but, don’t! Best advice is to practice, practice, practice! Then, when it comes to taking them make sure you’re on your own and you don’t panic.

The next stage is a video interview, make sure you have prepared some potential answers, try to relax as much as possible and be yourself.

The next stage is a Skype interview, now this is a lot less daunting than a video interview as the person you’re speaking to is there to put you at ease, once again the key is preparation and delivery.

If you are lucky enough to get to the assessment centre this is where the fun begins. I was so nervous at this stage, it seemed to be the last hurdle and I definitely didn’t want to fall. Suited and booted is key and a smile is paramount! Everyone will be just as nervous but, you must try and stay composed. The group activities and introductions ease you in gently and without realising you will be an hour in to the day and feeling far more relaxed.
My Final tip is to make sure you look at the Microsoft website, videos and obviously around the Be Your Future Blog!

Good luck!!

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