Intern Role Profile - Business Operations

Andrew Jackson

Role: EPG – Partner Sales Operations Specialist

University: Coventry – Business Management

andyRole Insight

Hi! My name is Andrew Jackson and I work within the Enterprise Partner Group and more specifically the Partner Team Unit(PTU). As a department we are held responsible for collaborating with our key IT solution specialists such as HP and Fujitsu to create opportunities and build relationships with the top customer accounts that Microsoft has such as Rolls Royce and JP Morgan. We sell a range of products to our customers ranging from O365 to Tablets and Phones and deploy our partners to offer hands on daily services to our customers if they have any queries along the course of the agreement. My independent duties are split up into 2 main areas:

50% Project Management – I am held accountable for organising several worldwide events for partners, customers and Microsoft employees to attend. The latest event was the Enterprise Partner Summit held in Cannes France where key contacts such as Susan Hauser Corporate Vice President of WW EPG spoke about our vision and what Microsoft is looking to pursue in the near future.

50% Supporting the Partner Sales Executives in the smooth running of operations using several partner opportunity management tools including CRM and the Partner Leverage Heatmap to log and manage live opportunities.

Favourite Aspects of my Role

There are several factors that I enjoy about my job role and the first of these is that it’s forever changing. This provides variety within my role which helps to develop my skillset which is highly beneficial for future development. I am stretched within my role so that I am able to achieve big accomplishments and really get a feel for what being a Microsoft sales employee is like.

The role has provided me with several customer and partner interactions which has allowed me to communicate to seniors about their vision and also has given me an insight into the selling process and how deals and made and maintained.

As the PTU sells a host of products and services, this has given me a wider knowledge and awareness of MS products and strategies which once again can be incredibly useful for future development.

Other Opportunities

Outside of my job role at Microsoft, I have been provided with countless opportunities to broaden my skillset and really get a feel for the whole Microsoft experience. As interns, we were granted the opportunity to join an additional 101 team with which I joined the ‘Milkround’ team. This has provided me with the ability to visit several universities across the UK talking to students looking to apply to the intern and graduate scheme to give them insights as to what’s it’s like to work within Microsoft. This allowed me to share my experiences and provide hints and tips for the application process which I personally found incredibly rewarding. As gaming is a hobby of mine, I was also granted access to go to external events such as Eurogamer to work with Microsoft to help promote the next generation console and also some games and apps that Microsoft had in the pipeline. This is a major highlight of my internship thus far and really represents that the placement is what you make of it and the flexibility that Microsoft gives you to gain the greatest experience possible. Another opportunity was aligning with the ‘GetOn’ team to mentor an individual who was currently unemployed to give them work experience for a week to help develop their skillset for a future career.

Microsoft Culture

Microsoft culture is by far one of the biggest positives about the company. Ever since day one, I’ve really been made to feel welcome by all employees and really get a feel part of the team and the ‘One Microsoft’ philosophy that Microsoft strives to achieve. If you ever feel like broadening your horizons here at Microsoft, there are limitless opportunities to explore different areas of the company and get stuck into real projects. I get the feeling that we are really valued and our input is really taken into consideration to make a difference towards the company. The intern community thrives off one another and get given opportunities to come together for intern offsites and events which is something I know very few companies do.

Application tips & Hints

I know this sounds rather cliché but be yourself! Microsoft want to know you as an individual and the skills you can bring to the company. I would highly recommend doing some research on the company, the culture that we have here and the different job roles available to pursue. Really have a desire and passion to work for this company. If you want to aspire and really have a meaningful placement then Microsoft is most definitely for you. Always try and relate to experiences you have had in the past either in or outside of a work environment to really heighten your response. Best of luck to you all!

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