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Role: A&O Xbox Sales Solution Specialist
University: Leeds – English Literature and Language

Role Insight

Hi! I’m Issy, I’m studying English Lit and Lang at the University of Leeds, and I am the Xbox Sales Solution Specialist Intern here at Microsoft. My job is to sell advertising space across Xbox Live to advertising agencies, and to evangelise Xbox within the wider sales team. My day-to-day job consists of writing proposals for advertisers, and helping the wider sales team pitch Xbox ideas to advertising agencies. I also work closely with the Xbox business group within Microsoft while they develop new advertising products and offerings on Xbox, and have had the opportunity to learn more about the strategy side of the sales business.

Favourite Aspects ofmy Role

My favourite part of the job so far is definitely going out to meet clients, and pitching ideas to agencies. Seeing advertisers’ positive reactions to pitches that you have worked on for them is extremely rewarding, and its great experience presenting to new groups of people, and developing your direct sales skills. My role involves both creative skills and some technical knowledge, so it’s a good combination to develop a wide range of skills, and the variety keeps me on my toes!

What I have learned

I have learned so much, even just in the first 4 months, that it’s impossible to put everything here. The main learnings for me have been around how a business like Microsoft actually works, and how the teams all align and collaborate. I have also learned a huge amount about the tech industry, and the advertising industry, which are both fast-paced and fascinating. You also learn so much just about working life in general; how to run a productive meeting, how to present effectively, how to work with a wide range of people and teams, how to manage your time, as well as the specifics that you need for your role.


Alongside my role there are seemingly endless opportunities to get involved with the wider organisation here at Microsoft. I am part of the 101 team called SPRINT, which goes out to universities and holds workshops aimed at getting more women into careers in technology. I also have two mentors in different parts of the business which is brilliant for learning about business groups that you wouldn’t usually work with, but are interested in learning more about! I have also had the opportunity to volunteer at many different events at Microsoft, from specific client-education projects to huge company-wide conferences, which have given me insights into marketing, and the client services side of the business. Whatever your interest here at Microsoft, there are ways to go and learn more about it!

Microsoft Culture

“Business Casual” pretty much sums it up. It was a bit of a shock coming into Microsoft on the first day and seeing how relaxed and friendly everyone is here; it is easy to forget you work for a huge corporate like Microsoft when everyone is so full of energy, and eager to help. My colleagues, and the clients we work with, are two of the highlights of my role so far. I look forward to coming in to work every day (which I never thought I’d be able to say!)

Application tips & Hints

Don’t stress if you’re not a technological genius. Know why you are interested in the industry and what we do here at Microsoft, and make sure can articulate what you want to learn and get out of this year. Be passionate about something, even if it’s just being a human sponge and learning about everything you possibly can while you’re here! And, as pointless as it may be to say this as you’re all facing applications and interviews (which, by the way, are not that bad), just relax and be yourself. Good Luck!

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