Intern Insights - Technical

Tracey Binnie

Role: Lab Engineer
University Course: Computer Systems and Networks, Edinburgh Napier University

Job Role

Tracey BinnieMy name is Tracey Binnie, I’m a lab engineer and I look after the Edinburgh MTC (Microsoft Technology Centre).The MTC consists of an envisioning room, onsite datacentre and Lync Room System (LRS).The facility is mainly used for Customer Immersion Experience(CIE) sessions by both colleagues and Microsoft partners to deliver a highly professional, contemporary environment from which to demonstrate Microsoft technology.CIE sessions offer customers the opportunity to see products such as Office 365 in an immersive, interactive and fun environment.I am also responsible for ensuring that the MTC has a wide variety of laptops, tablets and Windows Phones on display, which are regularly refreshed to ensure the MTC is capable of demonstrating the latest technologies on the most up to date devices.The datacentre runs the MTC using network virtualisation, utilising the likes of Windows Server, Hyper-V, the System Centre suite and Azure for our private cloud setup.

Opportunities Outside My Role

I work in a very fast moving, dynamic and exciting environment, with numerous opportunities to learn new things and work on expanding my existing skillset.There’s always something going on and I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really fun extracurricular projects and take part in volunteer work with Microsoft’s chosen charities.I’m also group co-ordinator of the Sprint team, which aims to promote careers in technologyto women undergrads and give them the opportunities and supportthey wouldn’t normally have, in particular giving them an insight into Microsoft and what the company offers on the intern and graduate schemes.

Microsoft Culture

I’ve gained an amazing amount of new skills and knowledge during the first half of my internship.My colleagues are lovely and always ready to offer help and advice and everyone’s enthusiasm makes for a really exciting work environment.Microsoft takes everyone’s personal and professional development seriously and the company offers a fantastic amount of resources to support you during your internship and ensure you get as much out of Microsoft as the company gets out of you.I also get to take Microsoft certification for free, an opportunity I’m definitely not going to pass up on.

This is a great time to be working for Microsoft.In addition to 2015 being Microsoft’s 40th anniversary, there’s a lot to be excited about with existing and upcoming products such as Office 365, Windows 10, Lumia phones, HoloLens, Xbox One, Spartan…the list goes on!

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