Intern Insights - Software Development

Raluca Georgescu

Role:Software Developer Engineer Intern –Bing.
University Course:BSc Web Technologies –University of Huddersfield.

Job Role

Hi guys! I’m Raluca and I’m an SDE intern in Bing, where I have the opportunity to work on the extremely interesting and complex code behind an ever growing search engine. Being a software developer intern at Microsoft is honestly the best opportunity you can ever get! The amount of knowledge you gain is incredible, as you are part of an environment where you are encouraged and supported to grow as an individual as much as possible.

Favourite aspects of my role

Where should I begin? The greatest thing I love about my role is that I get the opportunity to work on new features and visual experiments that reach millions of users. This month I will ship my first feature live on on the US market and another very complex feature is ready to be sent out to 20% of Bing’s users in a controlled environment in order to analyse its success afterwards. Apart from that, I love the fact that I am challenged every single day. No two days are the same and each project can have more complexity added to it every day.


The opportunities to grow as an individual are fantastic. Interns can get involved in multiple stretch projects. I am part of the Milkround team which tours the UK universities to encourage other students to join Microsoft, as well as the Sprint team. The Sprint programme is a set of workshops for female undergraduate and postgraduate students, which empowers and encourages them to gain the skills needed to succeed in the job market. It is sponsored by RBS and Microsoft and we get to go there and help them throughout these workshops by sharing our own experiences. Another incredible opportunity is the fact that we can apply to have a mentor from a different business area and a mentor from the senior leadership team at Microsoft. I’ve been lucky to be assigned to Philippa Snare, chief marketing officer at Microsoft UK, and I am truly looking forward to our first meeting!


What I have learnt

In just 3 months since I’ve started my internship, I am myself amazed by how much I’ve learned. If I multiply these 3 months by 4, I cannot believe how impactful this internship will be for my personal development and future career. My skills in C# have definitely improved a lot, as well as my fundamental understanding of computer science. I’ve already learned a lot on how to refactor my code and make sure I tackle performance much better. It is amazing how much you learn when you are surrounded by extremely intelligent people every day.

Microsoft Culture

The culture is incredible. And 99% of it is due to the amazing people that work at Microsoft. You get the opportunity to learn from each and every individual, as they are all very eager to support you. I’ve been amazed by the fact that anyone in the office has been incredibly keen to help me out when I had an issue and take a bit of their time to talk to me and answer my questions.

Application Tips & Hints

I think the best tip I can give to any one is to show your passion for Microsoft in your application and make sure you emphasise why this would be the perfect internship for you and not any other. Have faith in yourself and make sure you let them know you have the potential and willingness to learn fast and you wouldn’t say no to any challenge you might encounter along the way!

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