Intern Mid-Year Event: Recap

On January 29th 2016, Microsoft’s marvellous UK FY16 interns (slight bias) had our Mid-Year Review Event. This was an opportunity for us to take a look back over our first half year with Microsoft, reflect on our greatest achievements so far, and for each of the 101 teams (stretch projects) to feedback to the wider group on what they’d been up to…

What we didn’t know, was it was going to be one of the most ENERGETIC Mid-Year Reviews ever…

Each of the 101 teams (including BeYourFuture) ran through some fantastic presentations and videos showcasing the great work we’ve all been up to. After this the University Staffing Team took to the stage to give their own brief review of our first 6 months, and congratulate us all on our achievements to date.

At a later date, we are hoping to be able to share with you all of you, the readers of the BeYourFuture blog, insights into what these achievements were, and the great work done by all of the FY16 101 teams… so stay tuned!

We then departed for lunch, leaving with the news that we would be returning to what was to be called ‘The Energy Project’… Hmmm…

So upon our return we were met by two well-dressed gentlemen, mic’d up and radiating immense amount of energy! After our long morning of clapping, cheering and presenting, we were all pretty tired especially after loading up on the scrumptious free lunch we were provided with (Score!!) and we were just about ready to curl up for a nap.

Little did we know, we would actually be leaving the room MORE ENERGIZED than when we came in!

To quote their site, the function of the Energy Project is to energise people and transform companies. - We were about to take part in our first ever Energy Seminar!

We were initially informed that “Science tells us that we perform at our best when we move regularly between expending and renewing energy. Rather than trying to get more out of people, the most sustainable companies invest in meeting their employees’ core needs so they’re freed, fuelled and inspired to bring more of themselves to work every day.”

The seminar started talking about the 4 areas of energy; physical, mental, emotion and spiritual, all of which highly affects your ability to perform at your best at work. It was an amazing seminar to be a part of, they provided us with studies and scientific examples of how the hormones in our brain would react during certain situations. The best thing about it was that it was ABSOLUTELY ON SPOT. Everything they were saying had happened to each and every one of us at a certain point of time. Times when we were struggling to find the right work-life balance or had too much on our plate. They then gave us a fix on to how to solve these bad working habits and turn them into something that would benefit us not only at work, but at life in general.

We began to work through our energy patterns, how we spend our downtime, and whether it was ‘good quality’ rest. We were all soon completely captivated, and intrigued to find out how to maximise our daily energy. We were given multiple tasks and group work to spot areas where we can improve our rest periods, to be more effective and efficient in our work.
We left the seminar with each of our own ‘energy resolutions’ which were small ways to improve our rest periods, and therefore get more done in less time. It’s a win-win!

The Mid year intern event was really one like no other, we got the opportunity to come together as an intern community and celebrate our amazing accomplishments with Microsoft during the initial 6 months. It was the day we all needed to keep motivated for the next half where we were told would be the best and most impactful time here with Microsoft. Later that night, the interns got together to celebrate completing the first half of our internship… student style, after all… We are still students :)

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