Intern Role Profile - Business Consulting & Project Management


Name: Hamza Khan

Role: Technical Account Manager

Department: Premier Services, FSI (Financial Services & Insurances)

Location: TVP

I go to Queen Mary, University of London, studying IT Management for Business. I chose Microsoft for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a reputable company and just having it on your CV is incredibly impressive, let alone the experience and knowledge that comes from the year spent here. You are given so many opportunities to expand your role, learn more and ultimately enables you to grow and develop both personally and professionally. I was also attracted by the people –everyone is fun, hardworking and of a similar mind set, as well as always being willing to help you.


My process was similar to most other interns. I started by applying on line and was then invited to so some scenario-based psychometric tests. You then go through to a video interview where you answer pre-recorded questions, then if they like you they will book in a Skype interview where you will chat to someone from the staffing team. This was followed by the assessment centre, which included group exercises, 1-2-1 interviews, on-the-day presentation and a pre-prepared presentation. What I found most challenging about the process was the pre-recorded video as it is like speaking to a robot and it is really difficult to see how you answered the questions as there are no facial reactions to go off of. But my top tip – be yourself, honestly!

I was offered the role of Technical Account Manager (TAM). The technical account manager is a part of the services team here at Microsoft. These managers are a blend of customer service and product sales, since they not only assist customers with their services, but also try to market new services to existing customers in a way that is beneficial to their organisation. They also provide pro-active and reactive support to the customers. I work in FSI (Financial Services & Insurances) within Services. FSI customers includes all the major banks and Insurance companies.


My day starts by getting up at 6am and driving to the office, where I go to the gym from 7am until 8:20am, when I get to my desk. I have lunch at 12pm until 1pm and leave at 5:30pm – but apart from that, it’s always changing! It honestly varies & there is no one same day at the office. Every day will be different and you will be given different tasks & projects to be completed. What stands out for me is the chance to meet customers and have a customer-facing role and understanding how Microsoft can help benefit another business through its services.

I am enjoying every second of my time at Microsoft - I love working in a relaxed but fast-moving organisation. I was really surprised by the amount of responsibility an Intern is given and the impact that your work has on the team and therefore the organisation.

Enjoy every moment and learn from each application process that you do. Once you’re in, find a mentor that you can relate to that can guide you through your internship.


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