Intern Day in the Life

Name: Stefaniia Orlova

Role: Customer Satisfaction Analyst

Department: Premier Services

Location: TVP, Reading

Hi everyone, my name is Stefaniia! Originally I’m from Russia and I came to the UK for studies. I do Business Economics with Spanish at Exeter University and now I’m on my placement year here at Microsoft! Just over a year ago when I was doing my research, I was reading this blog and trying to understand what it is like to work at Microsoft.

My Role

I work as a Customer Satisfaction Analyst in Premier Services. In Microsoft we put our customers in the centre of everything and we care about the experience they have by working with us. As a member of the Services team within the UK Services business, I support Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) Programme. This systematic programme issues regular surveys to our customers and partners to assess their experience of working with Microsoft. By analysing the survey responses, we are able to continually improve our working practices.
I am part of the FSI team (Financial Services and Insurance), however what I really like is that I get exposure to all the teams across Premier Services including Public Sector, Small and Medium businesses, Media and Manufacturing Utility services etc. as well as the worldwide team based in Seattle, USA. I contribute to the business in a variety of ways, such as supporting customer-facing staff (Technical Account Managers - TAM’s) in their individual customer surveys, shaping new processes, providing training and delivering reports.

Services Interns FY16

My Typical Day

7:00 – time to wake up

I’m quite an organised person and prefer to have some time for myself in the mornings, so I usually leave around an hour to wake up, have breakfast and get ready without rushing around.

8:15 – on my way to the office

I live in a house with five other interns not far from TVP Campus and it takes me around 10 minutes to get to Microsoft by shuttle bus which drives straight to the office.

8:30 – arrive at the office

Normal working day starts at 9am but I prefer to come a bit earlier so I have some time to plan a day ahead, check my emails etc. Working hours at Microsoft are quite flexible, you might come a bit later and leave later or work from home as soon as you get all your work done and your manager is fine with that. I prefer to work from the office though as that way I do not miss the social side of working life and can spend some time with my colleagues and the other interns.

9:30 – data update

My role includes lots of data which I keep in a massive Excel file. Usually in the mornings I update Customer Satisfaction information by exporting data from the main CPE team to reflect changes in the processes. I need to maintain survey scores and keep them up-to-date so as a business we can plan where we are moving and if there are any changes/improvements that we need to make. To add more, since I joined Microsoft my Excel skills have improved a lot! Interns also have an opportunity to do Microsoft Exams for free which is a fantastic opportunity to not only improve our Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint skills but also to add it to our CVs!

11:00 – 1:1 with my mentor

In my opinion, it’s very important to have someone more experienced who guides you through your early career. In Microsoft you can have one, two or even three mentors depending on what you want to get out from your placement year. So now it’s time to have a one to one with my mentor.

12:00 – Lunch time!

Lunch hour in Microsoft is from 12:00 till 13:00 but again it’s up to you when you go and grab some food. Sometimes you might have a meeting that time or might not be hungry yet and eat a bit later. There are two big canteens in TVP with a great variety of food from soups, pizzas and salads to grill, noodles and pasta. There’s a great choice of desserts as well and we have cheesecake Thursdays for cheesecake lovers like me! In addition to the two main restaurants, you can always grab a sandwich from Costa or Starbucks if you do not have much time.

13:00 – Aspire Team meeting

In Microsoft interns have 101 teams which is something extra that we can be involved in. I am part of the Aspire Team where we organise events in order to inspire young women to pursue a range of careers within the technological industry. We just had our first event (there’s a post about it in the blog too) and today we have a follow up meeting where we are going to discuss what went particularly well and what our aims for the future events are.

14:00 – Time to build some reports.

At least once a week I do a full analysis on the survey results that we recently received. By doing so I work closely with the Technical Account Managers in order to receive personal feedback from them and identify problem areas if any.

15:30 – Customer Partner Experience Team meeting

Every week I run a call with the CPE Leads where we discuss how we as a business are doing in regards to customer satisfaction and if there is anything that needs to be improved or changed.

16:30 – Almost there!

After the CPE meeting I send out a follow up email that enlist all of the highlights from the meeting as well as list of actions that need to be taken. At the end of the day I also finish anything that I did not have time to complete earlier, reply to emails and plan what I am going to do tomorrow.

17:30 – Gym time

Luckily we have a very nice gym on campus where interns get a great discount too! Usually I head there straight after work, not every day of course but I do my best to go 3 times a week. Sometimes I workout by myself and occasionally I join fitness classes – we have a good variety of them from yoga to core intensity, so everyone can always find something that they like!

As I mentioned earlier, everyday in Microsoft is different but I have tried to show you more or less how a typical day would look. Don’t forget that we actually have lots of fun here in Microsoft and between all the meetings there is always some time for coffee catch-ups over pool or even Xbox game sessions!

My experience so far

Being half way through now I can say that I absolutely love my job. Microsoft treats interns the same way as full-time employees; there are lots of opportunities for us to be involved in extra projects. We can even choose what we want to do additionally to our core jobs by ourselves- that I think is very important. Everyone is more than happy to help and support you throughout your journey so don’t be afraid to take on additional responsibilities or even make mistakes. 

My Top Tip for making the most out of your internship

The amount of responsibilities and opportunities that you as an intern will be given at Microsoft is enormous. Decide what you want to learn and what to get out of this year and from the very beginning start working on your personal and professional development with your manager and mentor who will help and guide you on your way to success.

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