Intern Role Profile - Business Services

Name: Nancy Peng

Role: Business Management

Department: Microsoft Search Advertising

Location: Cardinal Place, London

My Background

My name is Nancy. I am a current Lancaster University student studying Marketing Management. Born and raised in France, I moved to the UK for my studies during which I took a year abroad in Hong Kong and integrated Microsoft as a Business Management intern in Bing.

Application Process for my role

The most difficult part of the application process to get through, is the online application. As you might have heard most of the applicants fail at that first stage so my first advice would be that you need to make sure you will give the best first ‘paper’ impression. Work on your CV, polish it and create it so that it represents best all of your experiences. If you have managed to succeed in the online application then you are almost half way there!

The most challenging part of the application I found was the video interview, which is normally in the middle of the application process. My tip to succeed in this part of the application process would be to, be yourself and let your personality shine through. This is the first visual impression you are going to give the recruiters and it is important that they can start getting more insights into who you are and how you can fit into the company.

Microsoft are great at matching you with a role that corresponds to who you are and what you want, so my last advice is: don’t be afraid to show your personality, your interests and your objectives during interviews and assessment centre.

My Role

I am working for the Search Advertising division which involved participating in enabling the Bing Ads platform. In the last couple of year, Bing has seen its usage in constant increase in the UK and worldwide. It is a growing part of the business and therefore a very exciting place to be at the moment.

Day to day, my role is as a Business Management Intern. I have a very people facing, interactive role, which does involve a lot of responsibility and ability to communicate to the team efficiently. I am largely involved in setting up events for the team that can either be trainings, team bonding events etc., all of which I am proud to say that I can own from start to finish. I am also involved in setting up events for a larger crowd. Recently I have been part of an event team organising a Summit in Dublin for our EMEA (Europe Middle East and Asia) division which had around 200 attendees.

I am also in charge of enabling efficient communication within our team, leading weekly update meetings for all of our managers to in better in the way we share information as well as setting up the team’s communication hub.

Experience of the company so far

As an intern in Microsoft, if there is one thing that you should always remember it is that it is a very fast-paced company that undergoes changes very frequently. Since I started my internship, the company went through major changes, one of them being that our department (Advertising and Online) had been sold to AOL. The great thing about change in Microsoft is that we get to start from scratch and shape our journey the way we want it to be. When I joined the Bing team, I got to design my role based on the areas I was interested in.

Outside of my role, I have been lucky to be part of a very exciting education project around the BBC Micro:Bit. It is a coding/programming device which is aimed at inspiring young kids and providing basic computational knowledge. It is a very exciting partnership project between Microsoft and the BBC. I have been given the opportunity to organise 11 trainings events all around the UK designed to educate the teachers on how to use the Micro:Bit so they can cascade it to the kids.

#1 Top Tip for making the most of your internship

To make the most out of the internship, you need to be flexible and respond to changes quickly. It is a fast paced company and in order to enjoy working here, you need to be in that mind-set.

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Embrace of all of the opportunities you get given but also create your own!

Good luck with your application and hope to see you soon!

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