Intern Role Profile - Business Analyst

Sylvia Quenet

Role: Business Analyst Intern

Department: XBOX

Location: Both Cardinal Place/Oxford Circus (London) and TVP (Reading)


Hi guys !

My name is Sylvia, I am a Business Analyst intern in the Xbox department in London and I am French.

My background

Before entering Microsoft, I did a year of double masters in London last year as part of a partnership with my French Business School (Grenoble Ecole de Management). Basically, in France, we also have the opportunity to do an industrial placement but in our system, we do it between the first and second year of master.
I wanted to do an internship in Microsoft not only to work with brilliant and passionate people, but also because this firm provides you with so many opportunities to develop new skills and make you grow as a person.

Application Advice

It is still time to provide few last advices for the assessment centre, so here we go!
The very last step but not the least, the assessment centre located in Microsoft’s offices. Your day will be organised around individual and group interviews as well as an individual exercise for which HR will provide you with guidance few days before your assessment centre.
Individual interviews are based on your motivation to work at Microsoft and business situation questions. My main advice for this would be: do your research on Microsoft, its products and the industry, be confident and be yourself. At this stage your potential manager with whom you may work later will be the interviewer. Therefore, it is essential for him to learn more about you as a person in order to know if you can fit within the team and match Microsoft's culture!
Regarding the group interview, you will be expected to solve a specific issue as a team and it is essential for you to share relevant ideas tailored according to Microsoft's values/missions that your team will take into account without imposing yourself.
It was my first assessment centre ever but I keep a very good memory of this day ! It was a great opportunity to learn more about Microsoft and its culture and the managers, staff and the others applicants were so nice!

To sum up:

Do your research: to learn more about the sector, Microsoft and your role and therefore enhance your passion for it.

Be yourself: you may work there for one year so HR and managers need to know you as a person as well

Keep your cool: Even though there was a language barrier throughout the whole application process, I would say that the fact I was able to keep my sang-froid really helped me to be my true self and not the ultra-panicked or too-shy version of me x)

My Role

I am a Business Analyst Intern for the Xbox Department. I am based 3 days a week in the London offices (great location!) and 2 days in Reading (amazing campus!)

Do you love Excel and figures? If yes, it is a good think as you will use this tool every day!

My role is to provide support to my manager to pull, combine and analyse Xbox related data in order to enhance our understanding of the business and the market. For example, my manager builds the analysis’s framework, what do we want to achieve/output and which input/primary data are available. My job is to combine and put into perspective these primary data as well as work with him on assumptions and finally turn this massive excel file into a user-friendly model.
This role is really great as it blends technical Excel skills with analytical and presentational ones, providing hindsight as well as strategic insights. I do not work only with Excel, I also have the occasion to sharpen my PowerPoint skills helping out my managers to build slide in order to summarise our analysis and socialise it with the global Xbox team.

Moreover, my team is really great! I have once a week a one-to-one meeting with my manager in order to review the projects I am working on but also to focus on developing my soft skills (communication, structure) and to give me advice my career. What I really like about the management style is that your managers also become your mentor.

At Microsoft, people are genuinely focused on making you grow not only professionally but also as a person.

Top tip to make the most of your internship:

Stretch yourself, if you have an idea, do not hesitate to express yourself and never forget you are here to learn!

Good luck !

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