Intern Role Profile- Business Operations

Martin Prenerov

Role : Associate Account Manager

Department : Bing

Location : Paddington, London

Hey everyone! My name is Martin and I come from Bulgaria. I work as an Associate Account Manager for the Strategic Search Advertising Sales Team in Bing.

Background information

I study Business Economics with Industrial Experience at the University of Exeter. As you can guess from the title of my degree I have the option to do one year internship for a company. Now, probably what most of you are asking … why Microsoft?
As any other student out there, I had to get some sort of work experience whilst I am still a student to have better chances of securing a grad job. Well, for me personally it was important to join an organisation that will allow me to not only to be introduced into a certain industry or field but to also develop skills that you normally don’t have chance to develop during university. Speaking to people from career fairs and friends who have done an internship at Microsoft made me realise that this is the company I want to work for.

My Role

You know when you type something in the search engine and apart from search results, you also see ads appearing on the top of the search results page. No, I am not the one who writes the ads but me and my team are partially responsible for those ads to appear in order to drive revenue. Still a bit confused? OK, let me explain in detail!
Now, what do I do on a normal basis? Well, to make it easier for you to understand, I will break it down into three different segments:

Data analysis- pretty much this is where Excel will be your new best friend. Just kidding! But you will be required to have a basic understanding of the tool in order to fully execute this job role. Often I am required to look at data, create reports and gauge KPIs (key performance indicator) so that me and my team can understand what’s happening with our clients that want to advertise with us. I also work closely with the insights team to understand the trends and metrics that occur in the advertising industry. If you don’t feel confident with Excel, I recommend doing the Microsoft exams first! Start with the basic level and then gradually reach the expert ones.

Sales- This is probably my favourite part of my job role. It’s where I work closely with my team to develop new business plans, strategies and ideas to drive revenue and exceed quarterly and yearly targets. It requires a lot of teamwork, time management and communication skills.

Customer Service- this part requires dealing with customers. Every once in a while I go with my team on client meetings, either weekly or monthly in order to communicate with our clients on how they can use our services to the best way possible as well as to develop action plans.

All in all the industry that I work in: search advertising is a fast-paced on and every day I have the chance to do different things and develop multiple skills such as:

Presentation skills and talking in front of an audience


Communication and organisational skills

Working better with Excel and analytical skills

Time management

BYF team photo

Apart from my normal job role, I am also one of the Content leads for the BYF blog who are responsible for delivering daily content to you guys. And I am lovin' it. It’s not only that.. there are tons of opportunities that you as a potential candidate can reach once you join the company.

Top Tip

It may sound super stereotypic but just be yourself. Stereotypes are made for a reason because they do have some sort of truth behind them. Microsoft is looking for genuine people and if you are trying to be someone your are not, the interviewers are clever enough to spot this.

Good luck to everyone :)

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