Intern Role Profile - Sales: Tools Sales Specialist

Name: Jake Gardner

Which university/course: University of Chester- Business Studies

Job Title: Developer Tools Sales Specialist

Brief description of your job:
Helping manage Reseller and Partner communications. Reaching out to ensure our customers receive training and support. Ensure customers take advantage of Software Assurance Benefits that are included in licensing agreements. Empower clients to improve business practices.

Where are you based: Reading

A top tip for being successful during the application process:
People always give the answer about being yourself but I think it’s more about expressing yourself and showcasing your qualities during all the different stages of the application process. There’s no point in pretending to be someone you’re not, just be honest to yourself and be genuine during the Skype interview and assessment centre. I’d recommend that before you even apply for a particular role, think about how your past experiences in other jobs/university have given you the right skills to succeed at in that role. I’d also suggest that you mention skills that you’d like to develop at Microsoft and how the role you want would help you achieve this, no one is the finished article.

Highlight of being at Microsoft?
Competing in a European Microsoft football tournament is my highlight during my time here. The team was a mix of full time employees, graduates, interns and apprentices and we spent the weekend in Lisbon representing Microsoft England. Not many companies would allow its employees to host or arrange social events on this scale, which is why I feel so fortunate to be here. The tournament is a yearly event.

Playing pool at work with my colleagues

Has your perception of technology changed since working at Microsoft? Was the technology industry what you expected?
The technology industry is just as fast paced as I expected it to be. I sit in a department known as DX which stands for Developer Experience and I sit in the Visual Studio team. There are constantly new features and technologies being added to the Visual Studio platform which we share with the developer communities to empower them to improve their business practices. We share these messages through events run by our Technical team and in the form of stories, which is when we prove the value of our technologies by showing how they have made other companies more productive or cost efficient.

How was the transition from university life to working life?
For me the transition was seamless. I had experience of living with other ‘students’ and I had already made a move to Chester away from home so it wasn’t all new to me. It was more exciting to move to a different place and meet a new bunch of people. There is a real community at Microsoft, as Interns we all shared an induction week and have all supported each other throughout our time here in our personal and working lives.

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