Intern Role Profile

Name: Mike Marston

Which university/course: Bournemouth University – BA(Hons) Business Studies w/Digital Marketing

Job Title: Xbox Global Optimisation Team Intern (Gaming)

Brief description of your job:

  • Assisting with the day to day planning and management of all 1st Party games marketing including Gears of War 4, Recore & Forza.

  • Management of EMEA events for Xbox and assistance of Xbox Partnerships
  • Where are you based:
    Thames Valley Park (Reading UK HQ)

    Which 101 team are you in?

  • GetOn – Online Engagement Team: Providing social and online media presence and content for the team and showcase our events and drives to our audiences.

  • Milkround – Uni Recruitment Team: Recruiting for FY18 internship/graduate roles from Universities around the UK.
  • A top tip for being successful during the application process:
    Focus on showing your genuine passion, ANYONE can say “I’ve got a 1st”. Microsoft is the sort of place that focuses on YOU, how you fit in and if you’ll fit in. Showing real passion and enthusiasm for what you want to do shows Microsoft exactly who are you are and what you’re going to bring to the table.

    Highlight of being at Microsoft?
    So far it has to be management of Xbox events, since July Xbox EMEA events have reached over 5 million people across 17 countries and nearly 40 separate events.
    To be able to provide this service successfully to our subsidiaries and boost the trails of Xbox is something I’ve taken great pride in as this was an initiative that I set up in my first weeks of work here.

    What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
    The variety of work that is outside of the role you’re in, for example the 101 teams, event visits (Paris Games Week, Gamescom etc.), Team Offsite(s) and much much more!

    How was the application process for you?
    The process is hard, and lengthy. But it does its job in picking out who can sink or swim in this company. I think it’s well thought out and provides a challenge to make yourself stand out among the thousands of applicants (literally!).

    What is a challenge you face at Microsoft?
    Working in a global team it is a daily challenge working with 22 other markets, there are obvious barriers such as time differences and language gaps. But there are smaller challenges too, some markets are fiercely independent and pride themselves on the work they can generate themselves, working with these markets in co-ordination with global market plans can be tricky at times.

    What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft? Are they still concerns?
    I was worried I wasn’t going to get a placement, I’d had assessment centres and interviews already and been rejected each time, this made the prospect of getting a job here slightly harder to fathom.

    Has your perception of technology changed since working at Microsoft? Was the technology industry what you expected?
    No, it was exactly what I expected to find, especially within Xbox.

    Do you have any plans for the future? What are your next steps?
    Next steps…
    Go back and finish my degree
    Start the search for next big career step!

    How was the transition from university life to working life?
    I think I found this easier than most, I’ve worked a part time job at Uni so the early mornings thing wasn’t new to me. I like the responsibility and opportunities work can provide so I’ve taken this with open arms.

    Is there anything you’d change about your internship?
    Not a thing!

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