Grace's Intern Role Profile: Business - Marketing

Name: Grace Stevens

Which university/course: Manchester Metropolitan, Marketing Management

Job Title: Xbox Consumer Engagement

Brief description of your job: I work in Marcomms helping with CRM and social media for the Xbox global channels.

Where are you based: TVP, Reading

Job on a day to day basis: On a day to basis, I handle distribution of social assets globally. This means I receive the copy and assets you see on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram from the agency, and I send them to all 40+ markets globally. I also upload trailers to the UK YouTube channel, for public and agency use. As all year round is different for Xbox, we are always working on different projects. From the 15 Year Anniversary campaign, to E3 and Gamescom, to smaller competitions and more localised campaigns for markets. Every week is different in my role and it’s always exciting.

What is the highlight of your role: The highlight of my role is definitely how much I am able to learn about social media marketing. As this is where my passion lies in marketing, it in invaluable experience for me to take forward. It is even a bonus that I get to work in social media marketing globally, learning different ethics for markets, how it feels to work across different time zones and to be able to work closely with local campaigns.

Additional questions:

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft? It has surprised me how nice it is to work in the office/corporate atmosphere. Everyone is extremely accepting of interns as new workers in the office and treat you as highly and professionally as they treat everyone else. There is a lot of respect and inspiration in the Microsoft office and everyone is very eager to help you achieve great things during your time here. I sit with a range of employees across Xbox and it teaches me so much more than if the hierarchy were segregated.

How was the application process for you? The application process definitely feels daunting. Going from the personal statement right through to the assessment centre. The best advice I can give you is to do your research and really know what you are talking about. If you are honest about what you’re speaking about, confidence will shine through. Confidence is a good attribute to have here at Microsoft and showing that from the very beginning will work in your favour. I was really nervous for the online videos and assessment centre but just remember everyone who is reading/watching/speaking to you is a normal (and lovely) person who has had their own daunting experience to get where they are. Be yourself and show how much you truly want it. Get involved in the things that scare you because there is nothing worse than coming away and regretting not doing everything you can to get this once in a life time internship.

What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft? Are they still concerns? My biggest concern before starting was not being good enough or measuring up to the previous intern. I have found out that everyone brings something unique to the role and therefore you can be good enough, because you are doing everything you can to be the best you can do it. Colleagues can see that and appreciate what you’re doing to get there. Everyone is also very patient by helping you to get there. I was also concerned about my lack of knowledge about Xbox, thinking it would hold me back. I believe this worked in my favour as I stepped into a whole new world and was hungry to be as knowledgeable as my peers (hard when your manager is @aceybongos). It made me appreciate the gaming culture which I had never noticed before and it has made me love a side of technology I didn’t before. Don’t worry if you’re not a technology fanatic or an expert in your allocated department, you will love it so much that you become one and then be proud of yourself for how much you have learnt at the end.

How was the transition from university life to working life? The transition from University life to working life wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. You are tired at the beginning (but your body soon gets used to working life) and then it all becomes second nature. I was concerned about going from living with friends and being sociable all the time to a different lifestyle but Microsoft are so helpful with looking for houses (so don’t panic about the move!) and now I live with 5 other interns having the same fun I did at Uni. There is a community of interns that you can make of what you want. Socials, help with your work, whatever you want to make it as comfortable as you want the transition to be. It also taught me that you can love your job. Being at Uni and working part time at somewhere I didn’t love seemed the norm but now that I love what I do 5 days a week it makes me look back at university differently and makes me think about how I can improve my lifestyle during 3rd year.

Gamescon 2016 in Cologne. Germany at Xbox Booth.

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