Intern Role Profile - Audience Evangelist

Name: Jaipriya Kaur Rai

Which university/course: Aston University, Business and Management

Job Title: Business Marketing: Audience Evangelist

Brief description of your job:
Evangelising to the start-up community on Microsoft’s products and services alongside working with our ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners to create case studies to showcase their integration with the technology.

Job on a day to day basis:
My job on a day to day basis involves me starting off by reviewing and processing BizSpark applications (start-ups apply for a Microsoft programme called BizSpark where they receive access to free products & services). I then have projects I am involved in for our partner start-up accelerators which consist of: data analysis, event participation, networking with start-ups, marketing campaigns etc. These are creative opportunities I spend most of my days working on. Profile building is another aspect to my role, where I create profiles for all our start-ups to ensure we have a log to track their progress (it’s a bit like a social network for start-ups). My work with ISV’s involves me networking with partners to create case studies to showcase their success stories on our websites and newsletters. The rest of my day is built up with improving my personal development skills, networking across the business to explore different opportunities and getting involved with 101 team stretch projects (explained below).

What is the highlight of my role:
The highlight of my role is working amongst such an exciting audience full of aspiring entrepreneurs. I have a personal interest in entrepreneurship, and part of my role involves me attending start-up events where I get to network with new businesses and explore new ideas being brought to market.

Where am I based: Microsoft HQ, Reading

Which 101 teams are you in? (101 teams are intern/apprentice run and lead initiatives that form part of your responsibilities whilst at Microsoft).

I am part of two 101 teams, the first being GetOn. GetOn is a team of interns and apprentices who hold inspirational events and go out to schools, fairs and colleges to promote careers in technology to the younger generations. My role within the team is Video Content Lead as I love exploring photography and videography in my spare time. My responsibility is to ensure we have photos taken of all events and activities we are involved with, and creating video content to showcase in presentations we deliver. My second team is Aspire, which I am Team Co-ordinator for. Aspire is a group made up of intern girls, with the mission to encourage more females to get involved with roles in the technology industry. As team co-ordinator, my role is to oversee all events we hold and ensure effective delivery of the program we are aspiring to achieve in the new year. The new programme will be a series of events targeted to support undergraduate females with their job application processes.

Volunteering at one of our many GetOn events.

Highlight of being at Microsoft:
The biggest highlight of being at Microsoft so far was sitting 3rd row amongst an audience, listening to Satya Nadella (CEO) deliver a speech on transformation and technology. It was such a great experience to witness the man himself and be empowered by his words of wisdom and passion for the company. Being one of 3 interns to experience that was incredible!

How was the application process?
Microsoft’s application process was my first introduction to interviews, presentations, CV’s etc, and so I was very nervous applying for such a big company. The toughest part of the process for me was the recorded interview on my laptop, as I had to record my answers to certain questions as they appeared on the screen. However, I realised that you need to take your time and let your natural personality shine through, even if you don’t have the fully correct answer.

What are my next steps for the future:
My next step, once I have finished my internship, is to go back to university to complete my final year and graduate specialising in marketing. Upon graduation, I hope to secure a graduate role, which will allow me to develop my skills and capabilities further through exploring new opportunities. In the long term, I hope to have established a start-up myself and run a successful business reflecting my passions.

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