Intern Role Profile - Business Consulting & Project Management: Project Associate

Name: Chessa Estuya

Which university/course: University of Reading – Business Management

Job Title: Project Associate

Brief description of your job:
I assist the Management Team, taking some administrative load by doing regular reporting. I manage Project Portfolio Reporting and I also assist on initiatives designed to improve the delivery processes and quality. As well as that, my role consists of playing a Project Co-ordinator role in the delivery of customer engagements that will involve working on-site with customers.

Where are you based: Reading

Which 101 teams are you in? (101 teams are intern/apprentice run and lead initiatives that form part of your responsibilities whilst at Microsoft).

Get On
Get On helps the younger generation gain more understanding about the world of tech by going to schools and inviting clubs/schools to the Microsoft campus. I chose this because I thought that having the ability to influence and help younger students shape their future is a pretty cool opportunity.

One of the events that I got to go on was an assessment centre in London. I thoroughly enjoyed this because the students were keen and open to suggestions. To be one of the people that they can relate to and can have a positive influence on the beginning of their “career” was amazing. Another cool event was the Wise Award in London, which consisted of professionals in technology. They had the chance to play with MicroBits, and even HRH, The Princess Royal, got involved!

One Microsoft- Co Lead
This 101 team is all about bringing everyone together within Microsoft through increased collaboration and sharing to better serve our customers, partners, and each other.
In this 101 team, we normally have a representative from a team/department explaining what their team does; the roles, culture, and what opportunities there are for others to get involved. We also do blogging and data analysis.
I like this team because it is a good way of meeting people all around the business, and understanding team dynamics - They normally have really good stories to tell! This 101 team is more internal focused. I thought this was a perfect balance to my other 101 team, which was an external initiative.

Helping out at a Get On event

A top tip for being successful during the application process:
Be open minded by putting yourself out there and do not be scared to take opportunities that are being offered to you.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
The amount of responsibility and trust that my team has given me. They made sure that I was okay and could handle everything. I had the support that I needed, and with the time that I have spent here, I feel that I am part of the team and making an impact.

What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft? Are they still concerns?
Whether the workload will be too heavy and what happens if I am late i.e. oversleeping? After the first month, these concerns were gone. People assured me that as long as I am doing my job well I should be okay and don’t need to be worried. Microsoft really promotes that work life balance. My manager ensures that I am happy with my workload and supports me.

How was the transition from university life to working life?
It was slightly tricky at the beginning due to the differences. When you are at university, if you had a 9 am you could just press the snooze button and continue sleeping. Whereas, in the working world this attitude is just unacceptable. You need to be committed and everyone is relying on you to do the right thing.
To be honest, as the year progresses, I am quite shocked with what I am discovering about myself - my motivation and how I work. I am very happy with my placement year and keen to learn even more.

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