Intern Role Profile - Business Data Analyst: Account Coordinator

Name: Rachel Wiles

Which university/course: Physics at University of Kent

Job Title: Account Coordinator

Brief description of your job:
I interpret analytics from Bing to aid the Sales team in monetising the advertising space to the UK’s largest revenue driving advertisers. A typical day consists of using insights to create unique reporting methods and feeding back to the team, as well as the fun of entertaining clients around London!

Where are you based: London Paddington

A top tip for being successful during the application process:
Do your research and talk about what you love about the company. Throughout the application process, the hiring team do a lot of work to ensure that you are put in a placement that is right for you, so it’s really important to show what makes you tick. Find something cool about the business that you can naturally show your passion for, and the placement you get out of it will be perfect for you.

Highlight of being at Microsoft?
I was asked to bring my passport on day 1 of the job, and found out that myself and the other Bing interns were being flown to Dublin for a week of training. It was great to get the best training to put us in good stead for our role, and see how Microsoft operates outside of the UK. It opened my eyes to the scope of the business, and the volume of opportunities I could get from my placement, and overall was a great week away.

Getting our hands on some Bing merch!

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
I have never felt like I am being treated like an intern or differently from full time employees. I feel very much part of the team and that my work has an impact on the business. From day 1, I was given real responsibility and accountability for the work I do, so it’s refreshing to know I won’t be serving coffees!

What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft? Are they still concerns?
Coming into Microsoft and being placed in a sales team, with no knowledge of how the business world worked, was daunting to think about prior to starting. My background is in Physics, so I was worried that I wouldn’t have the right skill set required. I quickly learnt that so many skills I have learnt over the years are easily transferrable to the role, and my time at Microsoft so far has really helped to shape skills in areas where I felt they were lacking. I am given great opportunities to grow in and out of my role, through exposure to the team and independent driven projects, so now I am only excited to learn more.

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