Intern Role Profile - Business Program Manager

Jonny Foster

Which university/course:
Manchester, International Business Management

Job Title:
EMEA Business Program Manager

Brief description of your job:
Shared Services act as the support mechanism for initiatives and programmes across EMEA. We act as internal consultants to drive programs and operational excellence. In my job role, I help run programs and projects by scoping, creating project plans, engaging with stakeholders and delivering on these programs and projects. Another key part of my role is to use technologies such as Power BI to keep track of initiatives and program managers whilst also managing and updating Dashboards to improve Customer Partner Experience and stakeholder delivery (making it easier for the Leadership Team and Managers to make decisions).

Which 101 team are you in?
One of the Co-leads for Get On. We aim to inspire young people to get more engaged and involved into the tech industry and lead a career path that’s aligned to tech related job roles.

Could you give us a top tip for being successful during the application process:
You probably hear this all the time but. Be Your Self. Recruiters are looking for confident, outgoing individuals who bring their unique skills into a team. Being a team player is one of the most important skills you can have. Being the person who engages with other applicants and being able to communicate extremely well will be great assets for you to show to the recruiters that you are a people person and you’re able to link in with stakeholders. Confidence. Communication skills and being approachable. With this in mind, you should hold yourself in good stead for the Assessment Centres.

What has been your highlight at Microsoft?
Being flown to Dublin to link in with various stakeholders and being trusted to run interesting and dynamic projects that can result in impacting millions of our customers.

What is a challenge you face at Microsoft?
The biggest challenge is being able to gain a complete overview and understanding of how all the different lines of business operate and how all these link together. With Microsoft being such a huge organisation with thousands of different groups it can be hard to get your head around all the corporate jargon and acronyms.

What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft?
Are they still concerns?

‘Being just a cog in the wheel’ – This was one of my upmost concerns when deciding to join Microsoft with it being such a huge organisation, however I can tell you you’re not just a ‘cog in a machine’ but a vital part of that machine and without you the wheel would stop moving. You’re trusted by your colleagues to deliver just as much as a Full-Time Employee would. You’re able to bring solutions to challenges and are encouraged to do so by managers and colleagues. Working at Microsoft is an incredible opportunity with an abundance of opportunities. I can say, with certainty, that my concerns beforehand have been put to bed by my experience so far.

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