Intern role profile - Consumer Marketing

Beth Hall

Role : Consumer marketing

Department : Surface

Location : London

Hello! My name is Beth and I’m currently in the Surface Consumer marketing team.

My Background

Outside of Microsoft, I live in a little village called Wickhambrook in Suffolk which is very different from the big city. I study marketing at Nottingham Trent University which gives me a wide perspective of the marketing industry. One of the main reasons I applied for Microsoft was down to the culture and the people. You are surrounded daily by amazing people who genuinely love what they do. Not only that, but you are provided with so many opportunities which you are able to utilise, the opportunities to grow and develop are endless and people are really willing to help you achieve this.

My Role

My role at Microsoft is to contribute to the Consumer marketing team for the Surface Brand. Since joining from university where I learned a wide view of marketing to a job that is very niche. My role focuses on deploying and executing global advertising campaigns for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book;, this can be anything from TV, out of home advertising, digital advertising- banner ads, CRM and social. I also work on below the line advertising which really focuses on doing great things locally. I have been very fortunate to land in an innovative and a very high-energy area whereas I have worked on two product launches and executed some campaigns that have had huge success, and won credited awards within the industry such as winning best use of influencers at the best awards for the #DoAnything campaign and the Surface Pro 4 campaign won best planning at the Brand Republic Awards.
Daily I work with agencies and our corporate team to drive the Surface brand within the UK and I absolutely love doing it!

An exciting BTL project I have been working on recently involved seeking down Surface Fans that are doing great things. After doing some searching we approached a digital artist called Roz hall who uses his Surface Pro 4 to draw portraits;, very different to his day job in IT. After finding Roz, we headed up to Wales to film shoot Roz in the back of a Land Rover sketching a portrait. However, there is a very unexpected twist towards the end as you discover Roz sketching a photo of a runner on the go. For Roz being mobile is the most important thing for him and the Surface Pro 4 really allows him to do this.

You never know when inspiration may hit! Check out Roz in action here… :

I was very fortunate to have represented Brand Surface on this. My responsibilities were making sure the product was being shot in the right way, the product was being talked about in the right way and we were getting the core messages across. To have this responsibility as an intern is something I never dreamed of and as an intern it shows that you can really gain real responsibility as you become accountable for your own projects.

My top tips:

If you’re considering to spend your year at Microsoft, here are some top tips on how to get in and how to make the most of your time here if successful:

Show you're passionate: A lot of people apply for the Microsoft internship scheme as you can imagine, but a clear thing you should look at getting across is your passion. If you’re techy,- great! But if you’re not this is not a problem. I remember in one of my first weeks, my manager told me one of the main reasons he hired me was because I showed genuine passion and drive. I proved why I wanted to be in the marketing industry which is really something you should get across in your interview.

Be yourself: As cliché as it sounds, it’s true! Interviewers will interview many people daily so they can spot if you’re not being yourself. This will really pay off in the interview process.

Drive: Similar to being passionate. If you are successful and even if the interview process, make sure you show drive and ambition. You determine your own success!

If you don’t ask you don’t get: I think throughout the interview process and in your job role it is so important to ask as many questions as you can. This is a learning experience and you want to get the most out of it. No one will judge if you have something silly to ask!

Good luck, you’ll do great :) 

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