Intern Role Profile - Data Analyst

Name: Viktoriya Ulasavets

Which university/course: BA Economics with Business Placement at Durham University

Job Title: Business Data Analyst: Account Coordinator in UK Strategic Sales Team, Microsoft Search Advertising

Brief description of your job:
My job requires liaising closely with my team daily and supporting Account Managers in successfully fulfilling their customer plans. I interpret data and give suggestions and recommendations to Account Managers and our clients in how to grow their accounts and keep customers happy.

What is the highlight of your role:
The highlight of my role is the team I am working in. Not only have these people always been supportive and caring from the very start of my internship, but since there are so many different roles in our team, I get the chance to see what they all do on a day to day basis. This helps me understand which direction I am willing to move forward in my professional career and which job I would love to do in the future.

Where am I based: London Paddington Offices.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
I am now half way through my internship and what still surprises me about working at Microsoft is the level of support, freedom and responsibility interns are being given here. Relationships between the members of the team are so open; you can always voice which tasks and projects you would like to concentrate on. As long as you do your primary job excellently, you can always get involved in extra projects. The team does not only care about the development of the business, but your personal development as well.

Me with all of the Microsoft Bing Interns in the London Offices.

What is a challenge you faced at Microsoft?
I faced a challenge when all these amazing opportunities to get involved in so many projects came along. The challenge, which I faced, was to stay focused, not take on too much and even be able to say “no” at times. The danger of taking on too much is the potential of not being able to deliver each of the tasks to the highest quality. I always get excited about new opportunities but I have learnt to think long-term and choose which projects I should prioritise and which projects I have to say “no” to.

Which 101 teams are you in? (101 teams are intern/apprentice run and lead initiatives that form part of your responsibilities whilst at Microsoft).
As part of Microsoft business placement, interns are allowed to contribute 30% of their time to extra projects. The 101 team I am involved in is in charge of the Be Your Future blog which you are currently reading this article on. We are the Microsoft Official Graduate Recruitment blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. The reason why I decided to get involved in this project is because it helped me so much when I was applying for my Microsoft Internship. I was reading articles and was getting more and more excited and motivated to work here. I would love to encourage as many young people as possible to apply and find their place within Microsoft with the help of our blog because I feel like there is the right fit for everyone here. My role within the team is leading Promo and Video teams. As our target audience is young people, we see the value in social media channels and we try to make them as interactive as possible. Videos are also an important part of the blog, and I see it as a “fun” way of presenting content. This year we had great success with our Facebook Live videos with graduates from different application streams, Microsoft Mannequin Challenge video, Microsoft EMEA Christmas video and there are many more informative and fun pieces yet to come.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future, I see myself working in Microsoft, because I like the direction which the company is planning to grow. As Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft, said in his interview; Microsoft used to be all about being the smartest people in the room. This is definitely not the nowadays culture of the company. Growth mindset is what Microsoft lives by right now. This is the mindset which promotes constant improvement and growth, and believes that making mistakes is normal as long as you can learn from them. Microsoft does not only concentrate on its best products and services like Xbox and Windows, but supports their ‘not yet that big’ branches like Bing where I am working. Bing might not yet have the biggest market share in the UK and globally, however due to our focus on the idea of ‘One Microsoft’, which implies crucial support from within the company as well as from Microsoft’s Leadership Team, I am sure Bing UK will increase its current 20% market share very soon.
Since I am currently working in the Sales team, I have already realised that I have a passion for sales. I will definitely apply for a MACH Scheme (Microsoft Graduate Scheme) in Sales and, if given a chance, am eager to learn more about the company and bring my value to the business.

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