Intern Role Profile - Kedar Gayle

Name: Kedar Gayle
Which university/course: The Univeristy of Birmingham
Job Title: Education Marketing Intern

Brief description of your job:
I support in driving our overall marketing strategy, including events, blogs and social media activity.

Job on a day to day basis:
It is hard for me to pinpoint this. However, my ‘regular activity’ is managing our Showcase Classroom (a demo environment) I work with customers, presenters and internal stakeholders. I am also responsible for budgets and reporting on success stories coming from the demo space.

What is the highlight of your role?
So far, the highlight of my role has been running our Showcase Classroom during the BETT show 2017! This is the biggest educational event worldwide and was a great chance to network with amazing individuals.

Where are you based? 2KS (London Paddington)

A top tip for being successful during the application process:
My top tip would be to do your research and make sure you are aware of and understand the company culture at Microsoft. I would also say, be genuine with your responses during interviews and questions, as this will dictate the role you end up in!

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
One thing I was surprised about, was the company culture. With everybody being so busy, I had assumed that nobody would have time to help me. However, you can sense the ‘One Microsoft’ culture. Whether it’s getting more insight into an area of interest, help with a project, or just needing somebody to speak to, people are always willing to help.
I am also surprised by how willing people are to listen to interns. I assumed my lack of experience would mean my opinion went unheard. However, my team always embraces fresh ideas and perspectives.

What is a challenge you face at Microsoft?
Getting the time to get involved in all my areas of interest, there are just too many! it can be challenging to balance your time and pursue all the areas of interest in the company.

Is there anything you would change about your internship?
I would love to have more of an interaction with some of the international teams in Microsoft, particularly those who work in my area in different countries. It would be interesting to see how they approach things and what adjustments they make to cater for a different culture. It would also be a great excuse to travel abroad with work!

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