BYF Ireland - Intern Role Profile - Marketing

Name: Gloria Shannon

Role: Marketing Intern

Department: Marketing

Location: Microsoft Dublin, Ireland.


When I left secondary school, I had no idea I wanted to go into marketing, to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what Marketing involved. I knew the basic gist and that was it. However due family circumstances & health issues, I didn’t end up taking a University Place in Waterford which would mean I would be a teacher by now! Or at the very least qualified to be one.
Instead one year on I began a course in TV & Film Production in Limerick. It was a brilliant year, and I learned a lot about media, events, writing and social media. That year holds memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.
When it came to CAO time, I realised I was interested in so much more than Television & Film. I decided to take on a course in Communication Studies in DCU. These let me explore lots of avenues such as video, audio, photography, social, PR, business and presentation. It was a very broad course with lots of theory too but I loved every second of it.
However, marketing was a small part of my University degree. Where I discovered I loved marketing was through my work experience and my hobbies! I actually have about 3 blogs, take part in two podcasts and am also trying to start a social entrepreneurship project. All of these things that I did in my own time gave me a love for marketing, especially digital marketing.
Then I took on two internships, one with a brand new business where I helped the owner create marketing plans, social media calendars and events for her small business. She is a complimentary therapist and it was such a learning curve to see something start from the ground up. She went from no customers as we discussed names, logos, interior design, events, social media to a business that has more than enough customers and is ever growing.
My second internship was with Rachel Dalton Communications, a small Marketing and PR company in Dublin. Here I learned priceless lessons in how to work in an office, working in groups, creativity, how the PR industry works and how marketing and PR are different but tend to collaborate and overlap. It was my work experience that I believe got me my role, rather than my degree. Despite learning a lot with my degree, I believe that my work experience gave me knowledge I never could have found in a book.

My Role

I started my role here in December, so I am not here very long but already I feel I have learned so much. The first thing I noticed when working here in Microsoft in the amazing community that is created here in the workplace. I was welcomed with open arms, everyone was so nice and made me feel as though I was part of the team before I had even really begun. I ask a lot of questions in general and even I am aware that this could be irritating to others, but I do not fell that here. Every question I have asked has been answered openly and honestly and if someone happens to not know they will direct me towards someone who does.
Already I find every time I am told about something I will be working on, I get a little excited. Everything is interesting here, the people, the technology, the customers and the work.
I am working across the entire marketing team and also the team responsible for sales to Educational Institutes. This means lots of events and projects, working with lots of people and dipping my toe into every area really. Which I think is amazing.
I have already gained a wealth of knowledge in the last while here just from seeing how much detail goes into an event, how many campaigns are going on at the same time, how much work goes into an email that is sent out to customers. It is amazing just how many ways you can reach a customer through marketing.
My favourite part of my day or week is meetings, especially where ideas are flowing and you can tell that people are excited and passionate about what they are doing. It is rather invigorating. I am looking forward to my next 5 months here and all the things I will learn and experience in the meantime.


If I had one piece of advice for future interns, it would be to not be so nervous. People here are so welcoming, understanding and nice. Whether it’s an interview or your starting day here there is no need to worry. That is a lot easier to say when you have actually gone through it and are out the other end I know but really people know you are only learning. There is so much you can learn from your colleagues and all you need to do is ask and listen.

Working in Microsoft is an amazing experience so make every second count.

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